Tuesday, May 02, 2006



Ludlow has been a regular holiday spot for my family over the last few years, we are all very fond of the town and area. These days I usually take my bike with me and wander off for a ride in the nearby Mortimer Forest, however I never have time to fully explore what is obviously a great area for MTBing.

I thought it was about time I had a dedicated day over that way and have had an offer from someone with local knowledge to show me round. If you are interested to join us please let me know and I will email start location. Start time will be around 10am, hopefully. Travel time from Northampton is around 2 hours. There will be no refreshment stops en route, so a packed lunch will be needed. (Plenty of post ride food and drink stops in Ludlow, if required).

The area is quite hilly and some may know that it is the home of the very challenging Bringewood downhill course, we may dip into this at some stage. Should be fun!

The hope is to get something on GPS so that myself and others will be able to find their way round more purposefully in future. There are some way marked trails, but these can be difficult to follow. The trails are natural rather than man-made.


Farqui said...

Ooh, excellent - another chance to explore someplace different.

A 2hr drive, each way, should be do-able in a day. Pencil me in, pending a chat with Chippy to see if she'll let me have the car again :rolleyes

We'll also have to see if my back survives this wkend's antics.

If some DH is on offer then I guess we can could in DDave and his rookie entourage aka Brumster ;)

uphilla said...

Can possibly offer transport if it makes it easier. 2 Hours is worst case, can be done quicker if you have the right car!

Dan Howell said...

Aha, Mortimer Forest - I know it well. In fact, I have a video of me last time I was round there...


;) Could use it as an excellent chance to scope out the routes for next year!

It is quite a trek across country to there, though, I'd pencil in 2hrs just from Birmingham :o

Rob said...

Once upon a time there was a young blogger called Rob, he knew how to use all the new shiny things in the forest.

He could make his calculator say 80085 upside down and his digital watch beep every hour.

The evil queen however wasn't satisified with this and invented the Amstrad PC1512. Sitting there in his high tower looking like a pekinese that ran into a closed door and wondering "now where shall I get my apprentice" and "will it be obvious that I chose Michelle because she's got the best continental shelf"?

Poor Rob didn't understand the new shiny thing in the forest and sat all alone and confused!

Thankfully a hairy man came along and explained the shiny thing is called a "blog" you just press this button here and you can read about all the lovely trips to other forests. "Please Mr Leepee, don't leave me here with the evil queen" he pleaded "the Badger claims she's a medium and is scaring me"!

"She's no medium, she's an extra large" said the hairy one, "but worry ye not for I shall email you and explain it to you in short easy words".

The email was sent and Rob and all the other forest creatures all lived happily ever after.........

Not sure if I can make it yet but looks like a good trip, what time to start and where?

Farqui said...

:o "I'll have what he's havin" :p