Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Canyon Nerve ESX Special Edition

Since Dozer's full squidger was 'alf'inched earlier this year our buddy has been long faced and thoroughly grumpy crankin' back on his old hard tail.

After a long running battle with his insurance, the police, campsite and his invisible friend he finally got his sensible head on and test rode a few rigs. The x3 Specialized rigs he eventually demo'd convinced him that their offerings weren't for him besides which his wallet was err'g towards the Bavarian savings several of us have recently accrued (1, 2 and the 3rd to mrsDozer).

During his quest he sensibly identified the short comings of his ol'Endozer and sat down with many a bikes geometry in an effort to find the holy grail. He now wanted a shorter, lower, tighter and more nimble single-track hacker that would also be capable with the occassional trip to "all mountain" ville.

Spurred on with the arrival of both his better half's and one of his riding buddy new rig's he crowbar'd his wallet down the internet and contributed to the Canyon Xmas party. The 5" Nerve ESX Special Edition ticked all his boxes with it's durable coil fork, rock solid accompanying kit and favourable geometry.

After a few weeks waiting (impatiently I might add) his new fully finally arrived yesterday and I'm pleased to report that it's a beaut. The quality finish we've come to expect from Bavaria oozes from end to end with some schweet finishing touches and kit. Some of the highlights are;
  • RP23 with large air can and 45 degree air port
  • '08 XT Hollowtech II crankset with drilled ring(s)
  • Uber bright, freeride lite wheelset
  • Quality stoppers with massive rotor(s) - 200mm fr/re
  • Thomson, Syntace and Selle Italia finishing kit
On the scales she comes in at a healthy 30.25lbs approx (no pedals).

After reading numerous reports of how soft the standard Pike spring (medium) is we needn't have worried 'cos whilst bedding in the brakes the front didn't dive excessively. Admittedly once drops are attempted he may need the next spring up (firm) but I very much doubt he'll need an xtra-firm that most webster's suggest.

We only managed to get her put together and running smoothly last night but Dozer was chompin' at the bit to get out and give her what for, so expect a ride report soon...


dozer said...

Just been out for a quick lunch time ride on my new rig. First thoughts are comfortable and plush ride and I don’t feel perched on it like I did the enduro. Only done the local farm tracks (with farmer giving me a funny look -).
The 2.4 nobby nics roll well and the bike as a whole felt very sure footed in the mud, I have found my old rockhopper a very nervous beast in the wet. The 2.4s will have to go for the winter though (I’ll bring them out again for Afan), mud clearance not too bad but they wont cope with the build up of clay we get on the tyres round here, also they are too big for my Dr Sludge tubes, so I was very nervous riding round, as all the hedges appear to have just been cut (not much else for the farmers to do this time of year).
I didn’t get a chance to test the brakes (more like I didn’t want to), as the bike feels very stable at speed. As for the gears, I need to get use to SRAM again, let them bed in. I also need to twist the levers round a little further.
Fork felt good, soaks up the small bumps better than the 36, not tested on a really rough stuff yet. My guess is next time I go over to Lee’s he’ll take my fork apart while I am not watching to see what spring is in there :-)
The bike does feel more nimble than the enduro did, but it has not been tested out on any twisty sections yet, from the bits I have done today I don’t think the bends will be a problem.
OK so it’s not as fast as the hardtail on the smooth stuff on the flat or uphill, but on the corners, the downs and the rough stuff its miles ahead. And while it might not be a whippet (unlike me) it’s not slow either. Looking forward to comparing it against the enduro going down the Springs soon.

I’ll do a full report once I have done a few more rides.

It’s a bit dirty now!

Rob#2 said...

Very nice looking bike...welcome to the Canyon club!
Perhaps we should organise 'Canyon' only riding just line them up and see if they mate.

Nice to see that you chose a bike with conspicuously coloured wheels.....should ensure that you don't get it stolen again!!

Very pretty, nice spec, good weight for an xlarge frame. If it rides as well as we all hope, I'll be V envious

What a happy Xmas.


dozer said...

Slight correction. My bike is a large, not xl. I guess Farqui took the xl spec as the large had gone from the web? According to Canyon I am only just a large. Not sure what they were measuring.

Dan Howell said...

AAAAAaaaarrghhh X-/

Eeeeeeeee X-\

My eyes! They burn! Aaaaeeeeiii!

Farqui said...

Hehe, those rims are a bit bright and as R2 says they're VERY conspicious. We'll not be able to loose Dozer amongst the undergrowth :p They look better in the flesh than the pic's.

Yeah sorry, the XL was the only remaining Nerve ES "special edition" bike listed on the Canyon's sale page.

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