Wednesday, August 22, 2007

STOLEN - Endozer & Co !

Dozer has just informed me that his big beast "Endozer" has been stolen whilst camping near Wrexham :x :( :x

The underhand scum not only made off with his bouncer but mrsDozer's h/tail and one of their kids rigs. All secured together and to a tree at the back of their tent, the devious swine.

So keep your eye's peeled for;
  • Endozer - standard Specialized Enduro Expert, 2005, blue, either 19/21", Fox 36, 5th Element, Shimano drivetrain and XT stopper with a whoppin 205mm front rotor, booted with Bontrager ACX's.
  • Specialized Hardrock, medium?, Manitou Black, cable disc's, Specialized BG2 saddle.
  • Recently purchased Giant XTC, circa 2006, 21".
PS: The poor lad hadn't even managed to get a ride in at a Coed Llandegla - one of the reason's they took their steeds :thumbd


uphilla said...

Have you posted on STW Forum??

dahnhilla said...

Dirty scum bags. Advertise on the STW forum, and the new bikeradar forum, you never know who might spot it.

Real bummer, I'm betting insurance are going to be picky about it being tied to a tree, but I you all get a new rig soon! Hope you get sorted for Afan mate!

Farqui said...

Uphilla has kindly posted the loss over on the STW forum.

dahnhilla said...
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dahnhilla said...

Don't know if it will do any good, but:
UKMB Forum (MBUK old guard

New Bikeradar Forum (New Future Publishing website)

Farqui said...

Lads bike was a Giant XTC, 21", circa 2006 - recently purchased :(

Rob said...


The Hardrock Pro Disc was fitted with sprung seatpost, SBC WSD saddle and non standard Manitou fork in slate grey (was Marzocchi) this is almost unique. Finished in black anodised it's 15 inch, not size marked and it's not WSD. Tyres are Paneracer, I think trailblaster. Very unusual stainless Tange bottom bracket fitted to this bike, it has silver not black ano axle that can be seen inside the cranks.

Enduro is very dark blue anodised. Fitted with Time Atac pedals, fork is a Fox 36RC. Frame is 21in. It was fitted with XC shock link at the time. Unique marks are wear on the drive side seat stay and a 4mm colinear scratch on the shock piston close to the seal. Tyres Bontrager AC-X 2.2 folding, non Gumbi type.

We have frame and fork serial numbers for both and both are security marked.

3rd bike was Giant XTC 2006 model as standard so far as I know.

Scum bags? I'm afraid that isn't strong enough, it is thoroughly shameful to steal the bikes of a family on holiday. The fact that they have selected quality bikes to steal means they know what they are looking for and they know someone will buy them. That 'someone' is equally complicit, can a 'bargain' really be worth this much guilt?

Farqui said...

Well done beefing up the spec's Rob, ta.

Although I thunk Dozer Enduro had the 36R as there wasn't a compression adjuster, just rebound and Talas wind down.

Fingers crossed that they turn up.

dahnhilla said...

Scum bags was the politest I could think off when I really wanted to use unthinkable expletives.

Hopefully someone will spot them and they will be returned to their rightful riders.

Dan Howell said...

Feckers. Absolute feckers. And this coming from a man who's felt it unfortunately. So sorry to hear the news; they will get their come-uppance one day. I just pray it's slow and painful.