Monday, February 23, 2009

DW Turner 5 Spot

Hello Dudes

Here’s my latest bike; I decided purchase the new DW Turner 5 Spot, this was a little risky because I tested the Ibis Mojo (DW Suspension) last April and hated it. The Mojo didn’t engage the trail and felt lifeless compared to my HL 5 Spot.

We rode Dalbeattie Red last weekend and the new 5 Spot is tremendous, does every my HL 5 Spot did but better, thank goodness the bike rides like a Turner.

It climbs better than the HL 5 Spot\TNT RFX; I managed to get further on one section, when you get the power down, it feels as though the back wheel just digs in. The handling is superb and it corners like it's on rails, I had no problem jumping off stuff and it was very very smooth down the qualifier to the Slab.

The DW Turner 5 Spot did feel a bit sketchy coming down Moyle hill (rocky downhill section) compared to the RFX, but I’m running a lighter wheelset, so going to try the DT 5.1’s on it.

I did have a few pedals strikes, also I clipped my heal on the elevated chain stay.

I missed the gravity dropper soooooooooo much, so need to sort that out. Also I need to get a bash ring, as the rocks at Dalbeattie just ate the race face ring.
Its 27.84lbs and the full spec is here

See you on the trails


dahnhilla said...

Shiny bike is shiny!

You great, big tart!

Looking nice though, the lines look cool if a little cluttered around the shock area. I'd get the cable routing past the shock sorted before you wear out your shaft... :)

Good to hear you get on with it, VPP links like the DW tend to be love/hate, I personally didn't get on with a lot of the VPP's on Santa Cruz's, the same with the DW on Iron Horse... seemed to work well for Hill so it must be "alright" I suppose.

Nice bike, think you've managed to out do yourself!

Dan Howell said...

mmmm.... shiny.... like a Merlin! ;)

toons said...

Defo a big tart for shiny bikes and the cable routing is shite.

Farqui said...

OMG, the chrominess looks the biz - bravo.

So it seems that DT has managed to balance efficient pedaling with a compliant ride ?

You say that the back end digs in under power - my old single pivot did the same and it meant you really had to back off the power on loose climbs. Let me know how the DW 5S fairs on a shale climb ;-)

Interesting that you caught your heel on the raised chainstay - which looks kinda goofy IMO. Along with a few pedal strikes, is the bb now lower ?

More miles, we need you to crank your heart out fella and report back to the dribblin' masses :lol

toons said...

I meant more traction rather than digging in. On climbs were I struggled in the past, they're now a hell of a lot easier :)

I reckon the bb is lower than the HL 5 Spot (with 5.5 rockers) and the 08 RFX.

I can’t wait to put more miles on this thing.

Did you see this review

Farqui said...

"...more traction" is good, just the ticket.

Tsk another glowing review of the sun that shines from DT's doodah :-D

uphilla said...

Looks cool! So, you are a convert to Fox Forx - what model have you got on there, looks like loads of travel.
Still happy with my 2005 Turner, they are built to last, so much as I would like to look at new stuff I can't really find an excuse :-)

toons said...

I’ve been converted to Fox 36’s!!

I’ll probably get my fox float spaced to 150mm and fit that.