Monday, March 31, 2008

Ddave's XC hardtail

I purchased a Orange Clockwork frame about a year ago. I liked it's looks and it sort of rode ok in a straight line but refused to corner and didn't really fit me.

I eventually bit the bullet and started trawling eBay for some cheap XC hardtails.

Numerous options came up, with some base model Treks, a few Hardrocks and Rockhoppers, but they all seemed to go for too much. And certainly more than I was willing to pay for them as I remembered how much they were from my Leisure Lakes days.

I stumbled across this beauty by accident really, and after a bit of research on Solid's website, decided to go for it. I set myself a limit but managed to come in much under that, winning the auction for £50 + p&p.

The frame itself is an 07 model, and ex display. As such, it has a few marks on it, but these were all easily rubbed off with a finger nail. I can't complain as it came with a full warranty.

I'd heard of Solid before as they make some pretty awesome DH frames, but not really heard anything of their XC range.

I have to say for the price I can't fault it. It's light, responsive, climbs well, turns well, and seems very confident descending. The frame quality itself is impressive, with some nice hydroforming (frankly darling, you've got to have hydro forming these days!) and neat dropouts. Only catch is that it's not full outer, but I'll get the drill out next time I need to change the cables.

Spec wise it's been whatever was lying about, with the only new things being the excellent XT shifters and rear mech, and Deore cassette.

The flats are on there as I'd just been down the shops, but otherwise I only spin on SPDS.

For £50 + the cost of the gears, it's perfect. Well worth a look if you're after a cheap hardtail to blast about single track on. It'll also double as my commuter now I can get to work without having to go through a river...


Hilton Meyer said...

Always good to get a great bargain! Not a bad deal in the end if its a usable tin donkey that you can throw around corners