Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Bike: Turner Flux

Turner Flux'05 with Horst Link built Jan 06 Supplied by Roundels courtesy of Cyclesurgery.

Planned changes, the SRAM front mech is going, it’s too ugly and frustrating as it’s so easy to fit and works so well. Maybe a slightly longer stem in order to get a touch more front end grip. Brakes ? Perhaps Magura Marta SL ideally but need to work out if I can modify a 180mm front to fit the rear. Otherwise perhaps the wildly expensive Avid Juicy Carbon 180mm. Oh and those tyres are outa here, AC-X 2.1 Bontrager's for me. This bike also deserves a pair of rapid Bonty race lite wheels too.

Impressions of the bike, it’s fast, despite the very draggy Cinders (they only do this when they’re part worn and on road) endless rear end traction, not so much front traction downhill. Pro-pedal setting and lock down fork make it faster still. On the flat it easily out runs my trusty Jekyll, on the gnarly stuff the way it copes with the surface and provides a strong flat pedalling platform is brilliant. Climbing it’s as good as the Cannondale and surprisingly no better despite less weight and nothing handles like a well set up Cannondale albeit you have to be brave cos when it goes, it’s gone. The Flux is much more forgiving and you feel much more “in” than “on” it.

Overall the Flux is a fabulous ride, superbly efficient and direct whilst still managing to be comfortable, like Trek’s FuelEx you think the suspension hasn’t moved until you stop and realise it’s been working overtime.

In comparison to Farqui's 5Spot? Technically, it’s longer and lower with less rear travel (4” instead of 5”) and a touch lighter, but not much. Both share the same, increasing rare yet long established Horst Link rear suspension - new Turner frames now have a Trek-esque pivot point tag'd TNT. Geometry is slightly more XC at 70 deg. The Spot is deeper, more accurate and more comfortable. The Flux feels quicker, if possible more rear traction and potentially more agile but both are so good in this respect compared to anything I’ve ever ridden. You feel like the wheels are your hands and feet and you can put them anywhere you want. I think this is a consequence of the superb balance front to back and low centre of gravity, well done mrTurner.


Farqui said...


Shim XTR short cage Low Normal I love this others loathe it
Shim 11-34 XTR Ti Cassette I If you buy 1 thing XTR this should be it
SRAM PC99 Chain Light, but prone to rust.
SRam Xgen Front mech Ugly thing works stupidly well
Shim LX int BB and Chainset LX=XT except steel middle ring iso alloy and £50 cheaper
MAX-M CF bar You don’t have a carbon bar? Get one, nuff said
XT Rapid fire shifters Keep your flappy paddle shifters!
Hope Mini brakes 160mm Not powerful enough
Fox RP3 Rear Shock 12.5 Bar (Me 12st 6lbs)
Slightly unwell Pace RC41 6 Bar
Hope XC Ti hubs, DT Spokes and Mavic 317 disk rims
Paneracer Cinder 2.25 tyres Too heavy for this bike, don’t do it!
Thomson Seatpost and Koobi Xenon Ti Saddle
Crank Brothers Candy SL
Syncros grips Very comfortable and easy to remove with air
XTR cable inners normal Shim outers (XTR outer is the same)
On One 100mm stem V light and stiff
Ti QR Skewers

Farqui said...

My oh my that IS a nice looking new rig you've there. Well done.

Steve said...

certainly a looker!

Chaybo said...

great looking build and i like the comments left after each item spec.

Farqui said...

How'd you get on with your new steed over a wkend of continuous riding ?

Is it as good as inticipated ?

Rob said...

For those that might be interested;

Spec changes;

Hope Mini, now 180 M4's brilliant braking rubbish to set up.

Pace RC41 now Rockshox Revelation U turn brilliant fork that the bike really likes.

Cinders now Bonty AC-X (not folding I got them cheap) heavy, have now ordered AC-x folders.

I'm delighted with the bike, fast agile, great climber AND comfortable. I think most would prefer the 5 spot for plusher ride and more comfortable cockpit but this is THE bike for me.