Monday, May 22, 2006

Sicknote is...poorly

According to the Dozer-vine; our good pal Sicknote took a hefty tumble on the way TO the pub on Friday night, resulting in a nasty fracture that's gonna keep him off his knobblies for a while :(

Apparently he's damaged his wrist and has a Scaphoid fracture of some sort. This looks like a potentially nasty little injury, so let’s hope that it heals quickly (picture from American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons).

I'm not normally a betting man, but perhaps we should have a sweep stake on how long it takes mrKungFu to spring back to full health ? Tho it'd be more fun to guess how many Mars Bars he'll demolish whilst convalescing :O ;)

What I want to know is - did he get concussed ? :p - this was Sicknotes fave CyB phrase !


dozer said...

He has also broken his PC at home so he can't see what we are saying about him!

ie Suggested physiotherapy for his wrist!

Poor chap is getting frustrated already!

Farqui said...

...from's too early to tell. My arm will be in plaster for 6 weeks. If it has not fixed itself by 8 weeks, I will need an operation :0(

Summer cycling is knackered.

Farqui said...

...update...Sicknote is now well on the mend and was dismissed from further treatment a few wks ago. This might have had something to do with our very own "karate kid" managing to use his "busted" mitt to crush his consultants hand !

He's been back on the bike for a while now, initially riding on smooth asphalt. More recently he's even managed a few miles on our beloved dirt, albeit over gentle singletrack.

I've my knobblies crossed that his sucessful recovery continues and that he'll be 110% for Afan.

Farqui said...

Apparently Sickers took another tumble on Sunday's ride and guess what ?...he's bust his other wrist !

Exactly the same injury - doh.

At least he knows how long it'll take to repair :p

Get well soon.