Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BikeWeek is nearly upon us

Posse, as we're all keen cyclists it shouldn't take too much enthusiasm from ya to make the effort and Bike2Work for a week.

When ? 17th to 25th June, a little over two weeks away.

If a cycle commute is unreasonable or a whole week of isn't viable, then why not attend an organised event, there's around 1,500 to choose from...searchy thingy here.

This year, numerous charity's are involved which make it even more important to do your bit and get involved. As it happens, baby Chipmunk is going to crank out the Great Notts ride for many a worthwhile cause, well done her.

Go on, join in the annual celebration of cycling and help promote our sport. ..
  •'ll be heathier for it
  • refreshed
  • ...vibrant :p
  • ...reduce stress
  • money (fuel/parking)
  • the planet
  • ...raise money
...all whilst on your bike :D What more could you ask and what could be simplier ?

You'll know where to find me, I'll be cranking my way safely along the redways (lucky ol'me), enjoying the fine weather (ahem), laughing at frustrated motorists, grimancing at numerous near misses from dozy drivers, chuckling at the speed of the "white van man", snaking around broken glass (ahem) and enjoying the all over feel good factor...


Farqui said...

On Sunday, most of the Westoning posse completed the London to Brighton, British Heart Foundation charity ride (review to follow).

Additionally "baby Chipmunk" finished her Great Notts ride. A big well done. Although her group rode quicker than she'd prefer, she clung on until the flag. Even with a leaking hydro bladder, a broken rucksac strap and bunchin undies :o