Saturday, November 25, 2006

Titus MotoLite build

After a week closely monitoring the online tracking, we finally received Chipmunk's package from the Red Barn. As much as I wanted to rip open the box myself, I let the dear lady explore the contents and her :D was a picture.

The teeny small ML frame is gorgeous, well engineered with some neat, practical touches such as a forward facing seat clamp slot. The mega bling, pink Chris King headset looks awesome set into the grey anodised frame. We'd already planned to transfer the majority of the components from her Trek but the fork would be too short and the seat post the wrong size for the new rig, so a few tasty xtra's were included in the shipment.

Having stripped down her Trek the day before, we quickly set about building up her new ride. All the typical initial steps went well, seat post in, clamp to work stand, test fit fork/stem/spacers, chop down steerer, mount fork/stem/bars, route brakes, fit saddle, etc.

Unfortunately, assembling the drive train brought the build to an abrupt halt as we couldn't mount the rear mech! It seems that the boozy boys in MT had neglected to include a hanger :rolleyes Half an hour of phone calls to various dealers within the UK came up with none in stock and just one shop willing to part with a hanger from one of their display models. Unfortunately this was located on the south coast, some 2.5hrs away which is time we couldn't spare being part way through renovating a bathroom :-( A suitable chastised Chad is embarrassed :blush and sending a hanger over. Meanwhile we've ordered one from Fat Tread Bikes which should arrive in a couple of days. Then the build can continue...

You'll find more pic's here and we'll upload a few more once it's daylight, the rain stops and we can get outside.


Farqui said...

MTBR, Titus forum entry.

Farqui said...

A gear hanger arrived today and I find that it didn't come with a mounting bolt ! A quick email to Chaybo later and he informs me that a chain ring will suffice, a slimline jobbie.

While I was checking the hanger, I figured that I'd best run the inner cables front and back (with the rear qr temporarily holding the hanger). When I discover that the Trek front der - M761, might fit the seat tube but it's fixing bolt is too far out and fouls the seat stay :x A surf at some ML builds and confirmation from master Chad says an M760 is req'd.

So it's off with another order I go...

Farqui said...

Chipmunk's ML is now fully operational after a couple of hrs spannerin' last night.

The hanger fixes nicely with a crank bolt, I've a few spare now :p

I wish I'd order'd the correct FD - damn those "wishlists" and "baskets" ! :blush - the lbs bailed us out :rolleyes

I'm still not 100% happy with the RD, it touches the chain stay in the smaller spockets. I've had to remove the "bump" strap, for now.

A first ride can't be far away now...