Monday, December 04, 2006

An Inch Xtra = A Good Ride

After Farqui showed me how to built up my new rig, I was eager to see if it performed as well it looked. So after work, last Friday, I thought I'd quickly whiz around the block to check it out. After a few turns I was pleased to feel that my MotoLite rode as good if not better than the demo which convinced me this Titus was the bike for me. Before I knew, it the "block" had gotten much bigger :p Farqui called as I was halfway around the local lake and he was very surprised to hear that the gears were working beautifully - I think he's finally mastered my low-normal, "flippy" shifters, bless ;) Transferring familiar components over from my last bike helped to reduce some of the learning curve but I've still to get to know her.

We had a free morning on Saturday which we decided to spend over at Rowney Warren aka Chicksand's. I'd only ridden there once but quite like the gentle trails so thought it'd be a good venue for our first ride off road. After a new hundred metres Farqui soon set to tweaking the shox's; the front was obviously too hard and the back apparently too soft. With the shock pump holstered, the ride and balance now felt much better over the damp, slippery roots.

I didn't appreciate the mud :o and found some of the slippery sections a bit unnerving. I don't know if this was due to the lighter wheels/tyres from my Trek compared to the larger demo Conti's or simply due to the moisture.

Overall, I'm mighty impressed with my new ride and found that;
  • It's still quite sprightly compared to my ol'FuelEX - which was a major concern
  • The ride is lovely and plush
  • It feels right - an extra inch or two extra stretch really has made the world of difference
  • The Race Lite wheels / Bontrager ACX tyres combo are definitely lighter and easier to get up to speed than the heavy hoops / boots on the demo
What's next ?
  • The bars are too high - the steerer is long and the Bonty stem has a high rise
  • Shock settings need refining - we're still conservative on the rebound and compression
  • Pro Pedal on the RP23 is new to me and will needs some familiarisation
  • I want to try my new light!


Farqui said...

Chipmunk ventured out with me last night, into the darkness. Although it was a bit chilly for my furry pal.

On some tame, local trails the ML was;
* pilot'd accurately & swiftly in't turns
* blast'd drops (both up & down)
* un-brak'd DH (with "whoops" & laughter)
* stomp'd hard (w.full ProPedal engaged)

The lass now look's much more composed in the turns. So much so that I even caught her chucking herself & steed into a bend before shooting out the other side.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find her chasing my knobblies on a short dh. However, I wasn't so pleased when she found the PP lever and open'd the throttle :p

The halogen L&M worked well, although having a HID alongside isn't a good comparison.

Dan Howell said...

She's a fine looking ride (the bike looks good too - boom boom!), do we see chipmunk venturing into some of our epic journeys out some time soon? Does DDave have a new protege in the form of our cheek-packing american squirrel friend? :)