Thursday, October 05, 2006

RedBarn Jersey

It's been quiet since Afan so I guess you're all still exhausted ;) Me ? I've not turned a knobbly in some 10 days, so I'm going a teeny bit crazy. I hope some of ya have managed to get in the dirt on my behalf.

My arm is well on the mend and the strong ache that kept me awake earlier this week, has subsided. I'm hopefull that I'll be able to get astride my Afan'd rig this weekend and take a steady crank along the Grand Union. If all goes well then I should be able to start commuting from Monday.

We've now got all the bits to rebuild my rear wheel and doctor Rob will help me spanner it into shape shortly. The sooner I can get back to a tubeless boot the better - since fitting an inner tube at the start of the July trail the ride has felt 'orrible and dull. Much like fitting a solid rubber ring rather than the supple and great feel of tubeless.

Chad and Toons have done their best to keep my spirits up with the arrival of a custom summer jersey (gawd bless 'em)...'s just a shame that summer has passed us by :rolleyes

For all of ya that whimped out on supporting our pal in Montana, the large fits a treat :)


uphilla said...

Please to hear your on the mend :-) Yes, it has been quiet - think it was such a good weekend things are bound to be a bit flat for a while. It is hard going back to the flat lands of Northampton after those Welsh Hills, but I have been out on the 'Road' bike a few times and though the weekends seem far too busy at the moment I have started thinking about the next ride - wondered about doing the MBR Killer loop around the Chilterns soon??
Yes, I am very jealous of your Red barn jersey, but on the other hand I still have not worn my Turner jersey or my Specialized 'Works' top - better putting the money towarsd some new drive train methinks ;-)