Monday, April 10, 2006

Fox DHX 5.0 Coil

FOX DHX 5.0 Coil verses Manipoo 6way Coil

A few years ago, rear shock choice wouldn't have been much of a big deal, you'd just be happy with whatever the frame came with, and assume that was probably the best and not really worry about it. And it was probably a FOX too. At the moment, just about every frame manufacturer offers you a choice of rear shock, and it all can get a bit baffling, as it's easy to spend a lot of time and effort looking at shiney forks with spangly knobs on, but's all to easy to forget that little air can or spring that's hidden under a mass of cnc'ing and linkages..... So I thought I'd post a review about my new rear shock for my rock munchin' Gemini DH frame....

Even though the Manitou had more adjustments, I prefer the method of adjustments on the Fox, as they were all done easily by turning big dials (all clearly colour coded :- blue for compression/preload adjustments red for rebound) and a 4mm allen key for that big bottom out adjuster around the air valve.

RIDING THE NEW DHX: After having a brief bounce on it to get preload just about right, and set rebound to what I think felt ok, I was off down badby (my local woods which has a few short DH runs) to get a feel for it and set it up how I like.

I fiddled with pro pedal and added a bit of bottom out just cos I will prob need it for bigger courses. I wound the propedal off for Badby but it's pretty sweet I can just dial it up for more pedally courses if I really want, rather than having to get out the shock pump and stick a load of air in.

It's also nice to be able to make the bottom out adjustment with just a 4mm allen key not having to hope someone has a 16mm socket. (By the way, anybody with a Manitou Fork/Shock with SPV who has the air valve, then a red hex shaped bit, then another one that is the top cap, the red bit is your bottom out adjuster, worth playing with if you intend on getting any kind of air).

Further testing here.

VERDICT: The DHX is a massive improvement on the Manitou 6way, and from all reports is a reliable unit. Gets the thumbs up from me. It's
also available in an air platform too, for those who watch the grams, but with a TI spring, the coil is very, very light at only 1.1lbs, compared to the 2.4lbs of the Manitou with a steel spring.

The 6way is a highly adjustable shock but let down by poor reliability and fiddly adjustments.


Farqui said...

Crumbs does this beast really only weigh just over 1.1lbs ? A Fox RP3 for the xc steeds comes in at .5lb so the dh bouncer is v.well made indeed. I bet you're happy to loose 1.5lbs over the 6-way too...

daahnhilla said...

Oh yeah. Only 1.1lbs, in fact as light as the spring is, it's actually heavier than the shock itself... The actual shock is feather weight! Mucho chuffed to loose weight and gain performance! Good old fox!

daahnhilla said...

The DHX air weighs in at about 0.9lbs.... oooh choices! Bling or loose a few points of a pound!