Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DDave at local woods - testing the DHX

After having put the lovely TI adorned bouncy thing on the back of my gemini, I was keen to get out and see how it performed... The ride convinced me that the DHX coil is the daddy of all "platform" rear shocks. It felt much more lively and generally more capable of dealing with what ever I threw at it. Found a new run I hadn't seen before which has got a mint table, then a long double and really sharp left hander that I got some big drift on before snapping back into line for the right hander, bang, bang, bang over the roots, hop the stump and throw the back wheel into the other stump to rebound off it to get loads of speed for the corner.... have it! I excelled myself in my dangerous ways by overshooting a table top by a good 6feet and landing on the upslope, and managing to keep enough speed to launch the gap into the bombhole....

Posse: DDave and DDave's missus.

Mechanicals: I pumped my tubeless tyre at the front to 80psi the night before to seat it properly, I forgot about this on my first run, so when I got to the top, I let some out, which promptly dumped 70 psi out of it... which made jumps, corners and getting speed up in a straight line, VERY interesting.

Also made the 5mile ride home on it HELL!


Farqui said...

Was this at your "local" Badby woods a few miles south of Daventry ?

daahnhilla said...

YEah, it's got some good XC runs if you don't mind sharing them with dogs/walkers, a good load of jumps, and some really nice short but sweet DH runs. A good training track, but it gets REAL muddy as soon as the rain comes anywhere near it!

Sweet place!