Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thomson Elite Stem

In an effort to try and keep some consistency when building my Turner I decided to use a matching stem to the Thomson seatpost I'd already opted for. At the time Thomson only produced one stem called the Elite, so Chaybo included one in my shipment.

Upon arrival it was clear that it oozed the same quality as the seatpost I'd previously used with great sucess. The four bolt face clamp provided a very secure yet gentle fixing for my carbon riser, it appears to use the same rock hard anodising, comes in numerous lengths and has a fairly unique steerer fixing system. Two opposing bolts draw two half of alloy together around the steerer tube that is nested within the smooth, rear face. This also means that you're not going to crack you knee on a fixing bolt should you slip or be clumsy. In use the fixing hasn't moved although some people have suggested that might be the cause of creaking.