Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Thomson Elite Seatpost

After using a Thomson seatpost to good effect on my ol'Marin, I decided that another had to be sought for my Turner. The 40%ish saving to be had whilst acquiring them from the USA also had an influence ;-) So much so that I initially had both a straight and layback version sent over, as I wasn't sure which would best suit me and my medium frame.

The workmanship that goes into one of these posts is amazing e.g. the hollow post is ovalised in just the right place to help reduce weight yet retain strength, the ribbed post helps prevent unwanted slip, the annodising is some of the hardest in the business, the head is double clamped whilst being minutely adjustable, it even has angle marks for the ultimate in fine tuning, comes in loads of diameters, lengths, black or silver, in either straight or layback versions (pictured). What more is there to say ?

The only downside I've found after some 4 years of owning one, are that the bolts on the head adjusters are quite small and are easily rounded if you're over enthusiastic. There are lighter posts available but these aren't too heavy and you'll be hard pressed to find anything as durable. To counter the weight argument, I believe that their latest "Masterpiece" seatpost is lighter.


Dan Howell said...

You'll be hard pushed to find a massively lighter post that's not carbon - the Masterpiece is limited to 27mm diameter frame tubes so it won't suit everyone, but my 330x31.6mm Elite tipped the scales at 245g uncut and out of the box. Not bad for a pretty strong ally tube; and the quality of the finish and non-slip machining is worth a few g extra IMHO.

Elite indeed ;)

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