Monday, May 02, 2005

Maxm MX-5 Carbon Riser

For my Turner, I decided to try some bling carbon bars and our Chaybo highly rated the Maxm bars - which I'd never hard of at the time. Out of the box, they certainly looked the part with a glossy lacquer, had a similar shape to bars that I've liked, good width and were very light.

In use the carbon definitely has a different feel to that of aluminium, tho I find it difficult to explain - so try one for yourself ! The good shape and dimensions meant I was immediately comfortable and confident.

Spec; 1" rise, 7 degree bend, 4 degree sweep, 610mm/26" wide, 136g.

Update: Unfortunately, it's not all been rosy as I've found that the clear coat is easily chipped especially with the sharp edges of my SRAM shifters and Mono M4's. They haven't damaged to bar but it does look ugly. This combined with the number of crashes that I tend to experience is causing me to start looking back at alloy risers which are typically more durable to a clumsy lout like me.


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