Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Decisions, decisions

At the moment Chippy and I have a different set of booties per rig and I thought it'd be fun to make our suited and booted into a lickle quiz.

It shouldn't be too difficult, especially for those with a rubber fetish :p

So what'd'ya see ?

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Dan Howell said...

From top down :-

1 - That be a (new) Continental... slash?
2 - Nobby Nic
3 - Dunno; some horrible Panaracer thing (guess?)
4 - Suspect a Bontie Jones ACX
5 - I'm guessing a Racing Ralph, coz I know you have some but I don't know what they look like!

dahnhilla said...

1 - Not a Maxxis High Roller
2 - Not a Maxxis High Roller
3 - Not a Maxxis High Roller
4 - Not a Maxxis High Roller
5 - Not a Maxxis High Roller

Farqui said...

Close Brumster, but not quite...

Hehe, yeah I'd lurve to try a super soft HR up front - but i'll wear out my current stock 1st.

Dan Howell said...

No-one's playing... put me out of my misery :D

Farqui said...

Hmmm, perhaps the others don't have a rubber fetish (or perhaps they've lost their Blog logon - AGAIN!)

Top to bottom we have;

1 - Continental Slash 2.3"
2 - Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.25" (pre EVO)
3 - Continental Speed King 2.1"
4 - Bontrager Jones ACX TR 2.2"
5 - Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.1" (pre EVO)

Chippy's ML now looks proper butch with phat treads; Speed Kings to Slash :p

Rob said...

I tried to have a go but stupid virus checker and rotten IE8 put paid to my effort. If anyone os tempted to try IE8 btw, DON'T, you'll regret it. Nothing will work.