Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 point 5

Checkout the grand master's recent work of art, a smashin' bit of casting which will shortly be gracing my tweaked Turner :thumbu

It definitely brightened up the snail mail today, thanx Uphilla.


uphilla said...

Can supply similar for a small fee :-)
Any ideas for similar welcome - trying to create a new branch to my business!

toons said...

Any photos of it fitted yet?

Farqui said...

Err no sorry, the bike is a bit grubby and I don't suppose the grit will help it stick. I'm not 100% certain where to stick it yet - answers on a post card...

It looks good on the bench tho ! ;-)

Cleaning at this time of year is demoralising - it gets just as grubby again after simply rollin' off the drive.