Monday, September 17, 2007

Cannock Sunday 23rd Sept

Since Rogers visited Cannock for the first time earlier this year he's often mentioned a return visit. This Sunday he has a pass available and we'd like to ask y'all to join us at the Rugeley trails.

Thus far we have DDave, Farqui, Rob, Roger, Uphilla with Chris/Jenni trying to line themselves up for to join in.

How's about a 10.30am start at the start of FtD...


Farqui said...

Yesterday Roger and I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of blat's around a "modified" Follow the Dog. The start/finish weren't accessible so we had to miss a few sections but the rest of it was still as good as ever.

With the loop fresh in my head, I managed to overcook loop#2 before calming down...a tad. After adjusting the Pike I soon felt comfortable and it wasn't long before I was darting off between the trees. This bouncer really is as good as folks say.

Unfortunately Uphilla, Chris/Jenni cried off the week before but both Rob AND DDave failed to let us know they weren't coming :x Fortunately, we didn't wait around too long for the "slackers" :p