Monday, March 26, 2007

Cannock Sunshine

Four of us decided to re-trace a route we rode almost 12 months earlier, this time using our GPS rather than a local guide to find our way. After jostling with the commuters we all met up at Birches Valley for a swift coffee before starting the way marked Follow the Dog singletrack.

It soon became clear that the trails were dry, a first for me here and my poor brake pads :p Although the trails are starting to suffer from braking bumps the sinuous tracks were on the whole fast, real fast and great fun. I'm also pleased to report that my serviced fork was tracking much better after a service and I soon had the confidence to turn up the wick and start throwing my rig around :D

It was fun mixing up the ride with the twisty FtD and then heading north across the heath for a well earned lunch at the cafe in Milford, yum.

Roger enjoyed his first taste of the north Brum trails and I'm fairly certainly he'll be back before too long. Actually, if you can guarantee clear skies and more buff singletrack then I might just join him.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures but we were having such a blast that taking snaps came second to razzin' the trails.
Trail; 19.1 miles, 2.5hrs, 2,261ft ascending, Tracklog
Posse; Dozer (Endozer), Farqui (5Spot), Roger (FSR), Uphilla (5Spot)
Weather; Overcast start that cleared to leave bright blue skies and temp's around 16c. Dry (for a change)
Mechanicals; None


Dan Howell said...

Darn shame I couldn't be there to share the fun, but I'm soaking up the sun here in Burgh Island instead <:-D

Farqui said...

T'was a shame you couldn't make it. But Roger kept Dozer company in your absence ;)

Farqui said...

Heck, what's with Dozer's eyes ?!

Dan Howell said...

The man's possessed :D