Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Afan - Last Minute

Posse, Afan is now less than two weeks away and I hope you and your rigs are all well maintained and rare-in' to go :p As some were unsure when we've scheduled our 2nd grand trip of the year (you know who you are), I figured I'd better give ya's a nudge.

When ? Friday September 29th - Monday 1st October.

Trails, how's about;
  • Friday, pm; Brechfa, Gorlech
  • Saturday, am; July or Skyline
  • Saturday, pm; Whites Level
  • Sunday; Wall 2nd half, Penhydd, Wall 1st half
  • Monday, am; CwmCarn XC
This way we'll once again be riding the Glyncorrwg Ponds with fresh legs on the Saturday.

On Sunday we'll ride directly from the cabins and hit the two trails at the other center. Then peeps can decide if they want to race off back home whilst those of a more relaxed constitution can devour lunch at the cafe and plan out the afternoons activities.

What'd'ya fink ?

Where ? A few links to help you find what's available...
Sleeps, will be decided as and when peeps arrive. Unless anyone has specific requirements...

Refreshments, if the weather is dry then we'll have the choice of a bbq - here's hopin' they've put lights down by in the "pit". Otherwise, you all know the score - if you don't bring it then you can't consume it ;)

Payment, for those of you that still haven't settled your bill, can you check your entry within the online spreadsheet and either pay up now or bring along the cash over the wkend. Cheque's and IOU's are no good on the weekend as the cabin owners want payment in hard earned fold-able's.

Last Year, forgotten what we planned in 2006.



Farqui said...

Saturday start time...

I'll take the silence to my "ride guide" as agreement - which then brings me on to when to start ?

On Saturday we'll be driving around to Glyncorrwg ponds, 20mins away.

As we've a contingent arriving from Westoning early on Saturday morning, shall we say we'll leave the cabins at 10am ? Which shouldn't be too early for the late arrivals :D and will still give us a good days riding.

Oh and the Drop Off cafe is open all day, from 9am until 10pm - accommodating our lunchtime pit stop :thumbu