Friday, September 08, 2006

Afan "nears"

Posse, can you believe that we've just 2 wks left until we meet up in south Wales :o So I figured it was time that we get logistics, route suggestions and the like cleared up.

Travel;If y'all recall, I was keen to make this a long wkend with riding on four days - provided my legs can take it :p The cabins are available from mid afternoon Friday, until mid morning Monday and I intend to make full use of 'em.

At the moment, here's a rough idea of when I understand peeps will be arriving...

  • Friday lunchtime; Dozer, Farqui, Rob
  • Friday eveninng; Brumster / Bex, Chris / Jenni, DDave, Roger, Mark, Uphilla
  • Saturday morning; Darren, Les, Sicknote

...please chime in if I've misunderstood your eta. This also goes for any of the following tables that I've been dreaming up.

Accom; You'll find good directions to the cabins here. You should take note that Brwn Bettws is accessible via a loop and that the furthest "road" from the B4287 is the preferred entrance as it's a gentle climb over a wide surface. In contrast, the access road closest to the B4287 is very steep / narrow and best used as the exit.

As veryone has now paid their deposits, we're each now owing £19. Or £16 if the last place can be filled. I'll settle up with the owners myself and but would appreciate some form of payment over the course of the wkend. Which you'd best bring with you as cash points are few and far between down there.

Bedding is supplied for the x2 singles (bedroom) but we'd best each bring our own sleeping bag, pillow and towels.

Each cabin consists of a bedroom (x2 singles) a double and single futon and after speaking with a few of the posse it seems logical that the cabins "might" be occupied something like this...

  • Cabin#1; Chris/Jenni, Darren, Dozer
  • Cabin#2; Brumster/Bex, DDave/Uphilla, Farq's
  • Cabin#3; Roger/Mark, Les/Rob, Sicknote

...which then means that our "couples" each get a bedroom (with the exception of cabin#3 !) and each cabin is occupied on the Friday evening.

If anyone is uncomfortable with the idea of sharing a futon with some strange hairy chap you'd best bring along an airbed. There's plenty of floorspace within each cabin.

Our accomodation almost backs onto the "Afan Forest Park" trails (after the Graveyard section) so we should be able to leave the jalopy's at the cabins for one day.

Nosh; Since my last visit, I'm told therre are now central BBQ facility's - which appears to be a favoured option for Saturday night?

I'm open to suggestions (and voluteers) as to who brings what?, if we all chip into a central kitty? or sumat? Perhaps it's simplier if each cabin mostly sorts out their own supplies?

Breakfasts are important to organise as I know that some like's 'em greasy, whilst I need a good bowel of gruel and some tasty pancakes to set me up for a day in the saddle.

Lunches will be available at cafe's of both the Afan center's so you'll need a few bob to refuel.

I doubt that anyone will need prompting to being along a little *ahem* "lubrication". If you don't, then you'll go without !

Trails; Now the fun bit ;-)

I'd originally planned to hit Afan's "The Wall" and "Penhydd" trails on the Saturday, but I've two reasons for shuffling them to Sunday.

  • Drude is joining us for Saturday and rode these trails last year, so he'd prefer something new.
  • The Glyncorrwg Ponds trails share a peach of a 6km climb that is probably best attacked with fresh legs.

Here's a "suggested" ride schedule that is by means binding :p

  • or's open to "interpretation" and might change as some peeps may opt to;

  • ride just one trail a day
  • split into smaller groups
  • ride the "natural" Brecon Beacons

The "schedule" should cope with those that arrive for the day, are there for just Sat/Sun, miss Friday or miss Monday, etc.

The "July" trail isn't shown on the "ponds" map as its the start and end of the monster Skyline trail, effectively the best bits. It leaves out much of the boring fireroad mileage and cuts across just after the "Granada" section. The mighty Skyline actually has another shortcut option available after "On the Edge", which'd make another choice for us. The option to extend or shorten makes it ideal as an afternoon ride so peeps can see how their legs feel.

The routes are so good, that I'm happy to ride 'em more than once and I'm sure that you'll feel the same.

For more information on the FC centers, checkout the Afan and Cwm Carn sections of the MBWales website.

Do please remember to bring along some decent head protection, 'cos riding this terrain in a beanie isn't very sensible. Ben forgot his brain bucket at CyB back in March, and was forced to tippy toe around :(

I can't wait to get my knobblies rollin' over them schweet trails, see ya there :B

PS: Don't forget your bike :blush and a little maintenance wouldn't go amiss either.


daahnhilla said...

Crikey, better start getting fit then:(

CWMCARN? Right, I'm bringing the Gemini as well then.

Dan Howell said...

Sounds good.

A few things :-

1) If anyone in Cabin 2 is allergic to (or has some adverse fear of) dogs then they might want to swap out or face the wrath of Grace ( but she's completely harmless so I wouldn't worry (although she gets grumpy and protective of an evening so my advice would be to stay out of our bedroom as she gets quite vocal if she hears anyone shiftying about in the night!).

No bad thing though; anyone tries nabbing the 'bikes and we're likely to know about it!

2) I've taken the Friday off but Becky is working in the morning, so we're likely to arrive early evening/late afternoon. But discount me from any rides, that's fine.

3) On the other days, I would put me down for 1 ride a day after the last time I was down there - not sure I'll make two. I can cop out on the day depending upon how things are going...


Farqui said...

Daahnhilla; I'll have plenty of room to bring back your mighty Gemini and SantaC. Will you be driving down with Uphilla on Friday evening ?

Brumster; Oh yeah I'd forgotten about the "security", me bad. If you cry off the odd ride, I suspect you'll have plenty of company back at the cabin(s). You'll get to cherry pick ;)

daahnhilla said...

Cool, cheers, Lee.

Yeh, driving up with [dad] Uphilla, not 100% sure what day though!

*Waits for uphilla to post*


uphilla said...

Two weeks to get back to my pre-summer weight and fitness, well there is a challenge.......

More than likely traveling friday eve and returning Sunday.
No problems about Grace, should I bring my 3 Westies to keep her company :-)
Would like to ride as much as my legs allow, have done 2 trails in one day before, but not 4 in two days, so will see.
Happy to fit in with others on food etc., but probably favour a similar breakfast to farqui, much easier to digest.
Trails sounds 'more challenging' than I remember when i read the descriptions, so also hoping I get my nerve back in the next 14 days!!

"YAY FOR BROWN ALE + TINTERNET!" - what are you on daahnhilla?? Too much BRown ale I suspect ;-)

Farqui said...

I reckon we ought to aim to hit the trails at around 10am latest, as it'll then give us ample time to digest lunch before hitting the trails again in the afternoon.

from Drude...confirmation of Saturday attendance and very happy with the choice of new trails to try on that day. Unless you advise me otherwise, I'll probably get to the cabins about 8.30 a.m. on Saturday and bring my porridge/oats! Definitely won't be there Sunday as we have The Cult in the evening in Birmingham and Titley Steam Railway(!) to visit as a family in the afternoon. Monday is still in the question mark department, needing me to liaise with you as to whether you're doing it or not, and to see if I can manage the time away from cracking on with the work.

daahnhilla said...

Wall rides and general freeriding loonacy at CwmCarn, anyone?

Farqui said...

Gulp, "thats" at Cwm Carn :o DDave; we'll have to teach ya HTML ;)

For anyone wondering how to get to the cabins or FC center's, checkout this tweaked map.

Alternatively checkout GoogleMaps for the cabins, Afan on Friday/Sunday, Glyncorrwg on Saturday.

daahnhilla said...

Hehe, sorry, forgot with this site you actually have to put the HTML tag to make it a link, my usual forum haunts do it automatically.;)

Looks like a good way down the hill:)

Farqui said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Farqui said...

Link fixed :rolleyes

Posse, here's a snazzy lickle map that highlights which junction of the M4 you'll need, where our cabins and trail centers are.

Farqui said...

Afan "newbies" should study the perfectly timed release of a "how to ride switchbacks" video.

More "skills" vid's from the pro's can be seen over at

We'll be blog'g our own after using Brumsters own "Kubrick" kit :p

Dan Howell said...

Got a couple of initial vids up - only for broadband users and they're very basic because I cut them on the train down to work this morning, but if you're itching to see some of the runs there up :-

Desolation (31Mb)
Sidewinder (88Mb)

Yee-har indeed ;)

Dan Howell said...

Another one uploading as we speak - not all there yet but should be in an a few minutes... it's a low-res version of Desolation, which features most of the group on a quick fly-by. It's medium-paced stuff with a short fireroad section in the middle, and me popping an immense, slow-motion wheelie that's a pure stud-muffin show of balance and poise [cough]

Dan Howell said...

Scratch that - guys, I'm sticking all the videos in one common place and you can just browse them at your leisure, see the sizes and so forth.

Single location -

Farqui said...

Awesome vids Brumster, now I wish I'd take it with us on the July trail - I'll defo take a turn next time.

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