Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bike UGI – Weight issue resolved

Hello Dudes

After I fitted all the new kit in March, my bike weighted nearly 33lb! The extra weight was due to the hopey, heavier rims & rotors and a wrong tyre choice (I should have checked the weights first! Doh). You certainly noticed the extra weight on the climbs.

Since March I’ve turned into an OCD weight weenie! The only things that I haven’t changed are the Frame, Fork, i9 Wheels and Chain set! Almost everything has been changed for a lighter version, without trying to compromise on performance. I’ve also ditched the hopey and Chain guide (might regret this) and replaced most bolts for Ti or alloy depending what they’re doing.

I’ve just had the final work completed; New 2008 RP23 (so I can run the correct way with push rockers), gravity dropper turbo, replaced the front\rear mech’s plus cables (rear mech was bent) and new brakes.

I went for Avid Juicy ultimate levers with code callipers; the codes aren’t the lightest!! But I can now perform an endo with my little finger, think they might be overkill.

Me and mark are heading up to Kielder on Friday, to try out the new red trail, can’t wait to get it muddy.

The weight is now down to 28.41lb, more photos here



uphilla said...

Impressive weight loss, presume you have a new slimline Toons to match ;-)
Hope you do not get me started as I am not sure my bank balance could cope. Already added XTR cranks and shifters plus carbon bars this year.
Will be interested to hear how you get on with those Kenda tyres.

Farqui said...

Yikes, loosing a whoppin' 4.5lbs is indeed impressive - bravo.

That '08 RP3 looks dandy tucked in between those Push'd rockers. I wish I'd tried them whilst I had the chance in the bonny borders.

I'm glad your Franken-brakes are working out, how much did you save by switching levers ? Are they 180/180 rotors ?

Eeek, those tyres look bizarre with their small knobblies. How are you getting along with those DT QR's ?

Great pic's, I lurve the headset cap.

toons said...

Slimline unfortunately not.

Hmmm tyres, ever since I bought these KSB8's for the summer, it's rained! I was speaking Barry at spark cycles, he raced with them at "10 under Kirroughtree" he raved about them. Gonna try them on Friday, i'll probs go back to the NN’s.

4.5lbs’ish did come at a cost, but with the high pound against the dollar and Chad's crazy prices, plus the big spenders on flea bay (that helped loads), the cost wasn't too bad.

I would love to put on a XTR chain set and black pike!

I saved about 170grams using the ultimate levers & the rotors are 185mm front\back.

DT QR is going well; no problems so far, not sure you can tell the difference.

I could've saved another gram by using a carbon top cap! But I couldn't resist the extralite.

dahnhilla said...

Looking very good, and impressive weight for it's beef and travel!
Codes?? Interesting choice for a weight wheenie!!!!! :)
They are quite possibly, THE heaviest brake currently available...

Should have bought Formula Oros... Cheaper... more reliable... and a lot lighter (Puro is featherweight - has Ti and Carbonness!!!) Bianco's are also VERY light... ah well they will certainly stop you!!!
Let us know how you get on with it!!!

Anonymous said...
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Farqui said...

Toons, how'd you get on with your light weight rig up at Kielder ?