Friday, March 02, 2007

New Hoops – i9’s


I’ve purchased some all black i9 Enduro wheels from Chad @ Red Barn.
To go with the new wheels set; I got some new Hope Buzz Floating Rotors, Hutchinson Barracuda MRC MED tyres (i picked these after reading this blog) and SRAM PG990 Red Cassette and 22t/32t Middleburn inner/middle - Hardcoat Slick Shift Chainrings.

If you’ve seen my blog; I had a few maintenance problems recently. It started with a wet weekend in the Lakes and then leaving the bike standing for two months! I’ve had to replace the bb, all the rear suspension bushes and my RP23 air decided to disintegrate, so looking forward to that semi-new bike feel.

Ride report to follow, once I get the DT Swiss RWS 10mm rear axle from CRC



Farqui said...

Wowzers :o is this a late bling delivery from Santa ? Some schweet looking bits there fella, well done.

Did Chad build up your I9's or did he leave it to the factory ? - I understood that he was one of the few I9 approved builders.

I'll be mighty interested to hear how the I9's compare to your Chris King's. The I9's are interesting hubs and seem to be gaining popularity over the more established names - down to price I guess.

I can understand why you've chosen the light yet beefy DT rim's - they might yet be making an appearance on my rig if I duff another 4.1.

Hmmm, the Hutchinson boots are new to me, although we've riders amongst us who like their other knobblies.

Now go get it all dirty and report back once you've ragged 'em silly :D

toons said...

I ordered these just after xmas!

I9 factory built them and then Chad stress tested them.

Looking forward to trying the hutchinson boots, I loved my nobbly nics.

Dan Howell said...

I do rate my Hutchinson Spiders; very capable and grippy on the edges but pretty fast rolling too. And they've got great traction in the gloopy stuff and shed well. They don't seem to wriggle as much as my Bontie ACX's, almost as if their sidewalls are stiffer? Well, that's how it feels.