Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Newcastleton Red Trail + 7 Stanes Website Update

Hello Dudes

Update from the Newcastleton Trail Warriors & 7 Stanes website

Yes that's right.. you heard it here first!

The whole of the North Shore area at Newcastleton 7 Stanes site has now been re-opened for use! We know that a lot of people enjoyed the see-saw and are sad at its loss, however in its place, we have added a new sting in the tail! Swoop down the ramp, down the banking and up to the brand new hipped jump.

Remember the North Shore sections are rated Double Black and should only be attempted by those who are both suitably experienced to ride it, and have the ability to dismount safely in case the need arise. Please also check that your bike is up for some punishment! For those trying the new section for the first time, we recommend you take a look first before you leap!

However if North Shore isn't your cup of tea... don't worry there's loads being done at Newcastleton at the moment... We are currently working on a red grade singletrack descent, which will be the longest downhill section on site. Fancy having some input to this exciting new trail, or lending a hand with a spade or saw?

Check out the Newcastleton Trail Warriors forum right here on this site for up to the minute information, including details of our fortnightly build days!

We hope you have fun, and encourage you to complete the visitors book with your comments on the trails.

7 Stanes - More new pages on the site

We've created a dedicated events page for the 7stanes site which gives a rundown on planned events for the year at 7stanes locations. There are contact details and descriptions of the events too.
Also, check out the trails at a glance page - it lists all the 7stanes trails in table format, listed by grade and order of difficulty within that grade (based on the 7stanes team's judgement of difficulty). You can download all the trail maps and 7stanes location map from this page as well.


toons said...

I wished I’d taken a photo of the see-saw before they took it down.

The see-saw was 5 foot in the air (it won’t be missed by me!); it was like walking the plank on a bike!

About half way along, the plank suddenly dropped 5 foot!

Drew managed to do it; mainly because a 13 year old kid had just been down! And he was standing at the top with 3 teenage lads watching him. Fair play though, must of taken a lot of balls.

Farqui said...

Well spotted Toons; more trail development = more fun, woohoo.

I've not ridden much shore and the vid's I've seen of seesaw's don't always end well.

I particularly like the "trails at a glance" list, that'll be very helpful...listen up Wales.