Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thetford Sunday 28th Jan ?

So who’s up for Thetford on Sunday 28th Jan?

Get there/start time 10-10:30
There are a couple of short loops with some fun sections, even though it is flat! Thought we could do the red (not sure if the red is the same as the dusk til dawn) and black;

Dusk 'Til Dawn route ? 9.2 miles


Black 10.8 miles

Directions on how to get there on the same page;

There is a small charge for parking, but they provide you with a couple of local maps and the trails are way marked.

So far looks like some of the FNC boys + Uphilla (and nephew).

PS Farqui is not allowed to do Thetford if he is doing 7 Stanes! J (I’ll look forward to the abuse Monday for that comment)


Farqui said...

You won't have to wait until Monday for some abuse you cheeky, good for nothin' *(&$£%!

As it 'appens I can't make Thetford for a good reason. Unlike Dozer, who's dodging committing to 7Stanes because he's a) without spine and b) a scared-i cat.

Have's fun without me peeps.


Farqui said...

Thetford is mentioned over on the STW forum this morning...last wkends race was dry ! There's also an entertaining video that illustrates the Westoning posse riding style *ahem* ;-)

uphilla said...

Yep, I'm up for action on the flat stuff - reading the STW posts suggest that it is not as easy as you might think.. I have heard people raving about Thetford in the past, so look forward to giving it a go!

Paul said...

Yeh, put me down,the bike and the lungs could do with a work out. Hoping not too boggy, love the video mentioned above.