Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Inbred in Westoning

Following an uncharacteristic dip into the wallet, Darren recently succumbed to a sale over at the on-line manufacturer come retailer On One. The bargain-tastic rig was a snip and has many a hardcore "steel is real" following.

...posted on behalf of Darren...My bike arrived today, despite warnings of delays due to staff shortages the peeps got is dispatched promptly.

I threw all the instructions away as us men are meant to do, and fetched me hammer. Before very long, two cups of tea, the bike was out of the box and I was already swearing at the fact that there are no instructions without bean stains on them.

Tell me why on the picture the in-bred man is facing forward on the official pictures yet is backwards on my bike?

To set the sag, I've taken the precaution of not weighing myself but simply guessed my weight in the 150-175lbs category and whilst it's a bit bouncy I feel good at having fitted into a weight category that I haven't seen since the second year juniors !

I have only one complaint which I will be taking up with Planet X and that is the plastic bag in which they supplied a broken bottle of touch up paint which had a small rip in it. So when William (small ankle biter) sat in the box to test drive his new space ship he came out blue'r than he went in :-O

I've put the bike through it's paces and ridden hard around the close and I would have done more but my slipper fell off, a car came and ran over it ;-)

I'm looking forward to going out and giving it a proper go, roll on Sheffield !

The picture is testimony that I knew which wheel was which and that the one with the silver spikes goes at the back.


Farqui said...

That's a schweet looking steed you've got yourself there, well done. Now go get her dirty and tell us how she rides.

Before you go tho tell me what's going on with them bars ?