Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Extreme freeriding" at Cannock Chase 18/11/06

Just thought I'd drop a little note to say what I'd been up to this weekend....

What was only supposed to be a 4 person rider ended up being a 10 rider event!

Spent a little time on the official runs before heading off to THAT drop (the one you can see on the left as you walk up the fireroad to the top).

I'm happy to say I finally got over my fear and did it! Once death training it in with my deathtrain accomplice, Alex!

Spend most time on the unofficial stuff which is a hell of a lot better than the official stuff, before topping off the day with a UBER deathtrain with all 10 of us heading off down the Red Run at once! Possiblity for absolute carnage was extremely high!

Posse: (See Pic)
Mechanicals: None
Crashes: Matt, guy on the far left of the pic, managed to crash on THAT drop by landing with the bars turning in the wrong direction, and sliding 12feet on his head! His silence and twitching foot had us all fearing the worst!

Good days riding with lots of cake eaten.

DDave... signing off.


Farqui said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. How are you calves after all those uphill pushes ;-)

The thought of Matt bouncing down THAT drop on his head gives me the shivers. Is he ok ?

daahnhilla said...

Yeah, had a good day ta! Matt was fine, he just got up and carried on! Legend.