Monday, September 11, 2006

RP3 Tease

That MrFlooks...he's a joker. Why? Last Thursday I posted my RP3 to TFT for a tweak.

Over the wkend the Royal Snail website indicates that the parcel was delivered = good. But offered no confirmation = bad. Their site lists numerous links to "lost parcels" and more worringly "it says delivered, but isn't". Now I begin to seriously regret not using a courier :x

After a wkend bereft of knobblies, I'm eager to confirm that that the "fast factory fettlers" actually have my bouncer. So I make a quick call...after some paper shuffling, list checking and odd grumblings from s.Wales - their system says it isn't there :o

Gulp. My pulse quickened, my blood surged, stories of lost parcels and lengthy claims flash by... Just as I'm thanking MrF and preparing myself for the Royal merry-go-round, he calmly mentions that it's on the shelf !

Ho-ho, nice one :D :x


daahnhilla said...

Heh, I see you're getting all prepped up for Afan, then;)

TF tuning seems like too much of an advantage to me....:D