Friday, September 29, 2006

Post Afan Awards

Personally I had an absolute blast throughout last wkend and the smiles amongst the posse seemed to reflect my feelings.

Now I thought it'd be fun to sum up some of our antics and have some virtual awards - I'll start the knobblies rollin' with...

  • Biggest Grin; Mark - for consistent chesire cat like gurnin'
  • Darren - after the final Skyline descent
  • Biggest Air; DDave - 'nuff said
  • Most Serious Injury; Dozer - busted shoulder
  • Biggest :( ; Dozer - missing rides
  • Most Improved; Roger - gawd knows where his fitness and speed have suddenly come from
  • Most Whippet Like; Chris
  • Biggest Chuckle; Mark - trying to restart 3/4's of the way up Cwmcarn's initial ascent, too funny
  • Loudest Snoring; Mark - an outright winner
  • Dirtiest Dishes; Rob - who thought he was lord muck !
  • Most Speeding Tickets; pending
  • Most annoying; Farqui's M4's - howlin' up Penhydd's fireroad, sorry peeps :blush
  • Most bling; Rob's Flux - 4Ti pedals and new SRAM-esque shifters :p
  • Most mechanicals; Farqui's 5Spot - which took a serious batterin', needing a rebuilt rear wheel / Uphilla's 5Spot - shifting woes
  • Most Reliable; Jenni's Cotic
  • Newest; Mark's Giant XTC
  • Best Trail; July - short loop of the Skyline with fab techy climbs and great descents
  • Best Section; Penhydd's Hidden Valley - switchbacks-r-us
  • Best Climb; Skyline/Whites initial climb - just techy and steep enough to a great climb
  • Best DH; Cwmcarn's final descent - fast and mighty furious
  • Worst Climb; July's Fireroad slog after Joyrider
  • Worst DH; Any fireroad !
Lets hear your nominations...

For any stasticians amongst us, checkout this spreadsheet which lists everyone's mileage and altitude cranked throughout the course of the wkend.


Dan Howell said...

What, and no "Most Reliable requiring no faffing whatsoever all weekend" in the bikes stake?! Not saying it's the Liquid (although I'll put my vote in) as I don't think DDave had any issues either, did he? Any other takers? ;)

Farqui said...

Brumster, you had a puncture so yours doesn' count :p I also clocked DDave spannerin' his rig a couple of times, so he's out too.

However, I didn't see Jenni havin' any prob's so I'll nominate her rig for the "Most Reliable".

dozer said...

How about 3 more categories:

Loudest Snoring (Mark!!!)

Dirty dishes award?

Most speeding tickets (might need to wait another couple of weeks for the votes to come in for this one :-)

daahnhilla said...

Mine should be most bling:( My pedals beat Robs I think!!!!

And the spannering was due to my own lazy bolt tightening D'oh!

Rob said...

Hey Daaanhilla I know gravity is your mate so if it's good to have more gravity then you're right your pedals get the medals...!

Loudest Snorer was certainly Mark "why do all my mates ears bleed" but I would also vote him best breakfast and fastest learner, he did really well for a daaanhill virgin, hence the biiiig grin! Does he have a blog membership?

Most reliable bike surely should be most work done/load over least spannerin which despite only riding it twice gives my vote to the Endozer. Dan isn't big enough to break that immaculate Liquid and Mark's Giant was brand spankin so doesn't qualify.

Uphilla have you solved your shiftin gremlins yet?

Rob said...
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uphilla said...

Shifting gremlins seemed to have disappeared on the Sunday - Daanhilla found the cable clamp not tight enough, have not ridden the bike since so can't be sure, but I am planning to update the drive train when cash allows. :-)

Farqui said...

Rob, nope Mark is still resisting the call of the blog.

Nor have I received any of his pic's :(