Friday, September 15, 2006

Dozers Loop

Last night, Dozer guided a few of us around his local patch, taking in the clay pit with the *ahem* "jump" where he broke his arm last year...whist test riding an Enduro with 12"s of travel :rolleyes

Blasting down the springs was as fun as ever, especially in the twilight. I'd have seen the last drop had I removed my sunnies :blush Steve warily watched us pile down before venturing over the edge himself and joined us with a big grin.

Heavy rain the night before hadn't turned the trails to a leg sapping goo, but I don't suppose this'll be the case for much longer.

Thanx Dozer for a decent ride with a good mix of ups'n'downs and was good practice for Afan - the height gained was only a couple of hundred feet short of an typical s.Wales trail.

Posse; Dozer (Endozer), Farqui (5Spot), Roadie (Klien h/tail), Steve (Spesh Hardrock h/tail - steel)

Weather; Overcast, approx 12c - pleasant ride temp, v.gentle breeze.

Mechanicals; Roadie acquired a puncture within a mile or two of the trailhead.


dozer said...

Enjoyed the ride, I had not done a few sections for a year or so (the pit where I broke my arm!). Does my rear light falling off count as a mechanical (thanks for picking it up Lee!).
It was good to see the smile on Steve's face at the bottom of the Springs, not good watching the back of Graeme's and Lee's bike going up!!!
Went out with Darren and Graham (sicknote) last night and did the same route to Barton, I even came down the Springs with my fork extended (Darren forgot to unlock his though :-)
See you all in AFAN!