Sunday, September 24, 2006

Afan Sunday morning

Trail; Afan Forest Park, Penhydd

Dozer, Farqui and Rob had covered this trail on Friday afternoon but didn't have any qualms repeating the ride. Most of the posse were looking for a final blat before heading back home so this relatively short and easy trail seemed to fit the bill. I'd have liked Rob to experience the July trail which he missed on his ambulance duties but we'll get him up there before too long.
The overnight rain had now made its way through the canopy and was starting to turn the trails into a mouse but no parts were too much trouble. The damp didn't seem to affect the grip on offer either although the exposed roots needed a little more care and attention.

Uphilla was looking forward to the Hidden Valley and it didn't disappoint with plenty of smiles and stories exchanged at the base of the next fireroad. Chris grumbled a little about the moisture but perhaps his rapid Michelin's weren't quite "all mountain" enough in these conditions ? He was still smiling tho ;)

The final sections were dispatched without letup and finished off a great wkends riding for most of the posse. Although a few die hards weren't done yet...

Posse; Brumster (Liquid), Chris (Inbred), Darren (Cannondale), DDave (Cameleon), Farqui (5Spot), Jenni (Cotic Soul), Les (Hardrock), Rob (Flux), Roger (FSR), Sicknote (Hardrock), Mark (XTC), Uphilla (5Spot)
Route; Tracklog
Weather; Fairly overcast but remained dry and pleasantly warm
Mechanicals; Farqui's M4's squealed from the off and although a strip and clean silenced them for a few sections they wailed their way up the fireroad - much to the annoyance of riders further up the hill ! A couple of handfuls of Welsh mud and grit thrown satisfying over the rotor kept them quiet for the rest of the wkend. Brumster collected a puncture which fortunately didn't show itself until he unloaded back at home, phew.
Inuries; None.


Dan Howell said...

The trails out of Afan park are much more my preference, being well constructed, well maintained and more swoopy, speedy trails with not too much sustained climbing, meaning you can keep your average speed up. Each trail seems to have more of an individual character, too, so they don't all blur into one - you can remember them distinctly.

The fireroad climbs are the laborious side but you can't have everything your way... the balance is fine.

Managed the whole weekend puncture-proof until the very last section of this very last day, which saw my front go flat and wash out on a switchback, sticking me in the dirt with it! Bloody typical... :D