Sunday, September 24, 2006

Afan Sunday afternoon

Trail; Afan Forest Park, The Wall

The man possessed aka Roger was keen to get yet another ride under his knobblies so after completing the morning ride and returning to the cabins a dedicated few decided to give The Wall a try. The Graveyard section of which finishes just around the corner from our chalet.

A lbs had indicated that much of the trail was under diversions with mucho deforestation underway and some nasty steep climbs as temporary work arounds.

Perhaps DDave or Roger can shed some light on the route and I'll update this post accordingly?

Posse; DDave (Cameleon), Roger (FSR)
Weather; Dark and overcast yet dry
Mechanicals; Farqui had planned to join in but a mighty wobbly rear wheel and a stubborn Chris King rear hub put pay to any fun as he dashed off the lbs.
Inuries; None