Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Afan Bikefest

...based at Glyncorrwg Ponds are having a "mini-festival" on Sept 22-24th with food, drink, riding and test bikes to play with.

It kicks off on Friday with nosh / drinks in the cafe and demo bikes will be available on Saturday and Sunday with 2007 models on show from the likes of Kona, Commencal, Orange, Santa Cruz and Nicolai.

During the evening, they'll be music with a band and DJ.

Farqui; So it's bonus time folks with some bike p@rn laid on for us :D You see, all that "date" planning paid off...

I suspect that Drude will see "festival" as an opportunity to wear his bright tie-dye outfits ;)


Farqui said...

I've just spoken to Skyline and they've not yet confirmed what demo bikes will be available. They suspect the manufacturer's will be bring '06 model for demo and '07 unit's to fawn over.

Demo rides will need some form of photo id and a typical blat will be half way up the first climb before cutting over to the final descent. From experience, I know that this'll be a peach.

They're having a night ride around the Whites trail on Friday, starting a 8pm for anyone that's interested. You'll need your own lights tho.

Farqui said...

None of our posse took advantage of the demo bikes but I clocked plenty of 'em on the initial climb. One poor lass was suffering s skippin' chain but her fella obviously wasn't up to the task and started chatting about her new grips!:huh FCS, get outta the way and let me wrench for ya...sorted. The chap had one of them damn fangled Rohloff hubs and had obviously lost the knack of "traditional" driveway fiddlin'.