Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ride the Roman Challenge Route, 8th Oct

I've just clocked this thread over at STW - in summary it's a charity ride based just south of Northampton at Hackleton with a focus on raising funds for a local village.

Two rides are available, an 8mile novice route (around Salcey forest?) and a more demanding 30mile off road hack around the local area.

Further details and registration information can be sought at the home page, Ride the Roman Challenge.

Ok you'll have to stump up a few bob but they are throwing in a buffet (ploughmans) cakes and a some form of "finishers pack".

I suspect that the longer route will be a similar ride to Uphilla's enjoyable local trails, amongst gently rolling countryside. Salcey forest has recenty been refurbished and would make a great afternoon out for any non-cycling peeps with it's "suspended" forest walk - above the tree tops at it's highest point!

This should be an ideal opportunity to gain some local knowledge and hook up with some like minded *ahem* "enthusiasts".