Thursday, June 22, 2006

Norton Loop

Last night, the Northants posse and I met at the White Horse in Norton and had great,. scenic hack around the Northants countryside. This is DDave and Uphilla's local stomping ground and they'd graciously offered to show me around. Plus I was keen to see what they usually ride - that's not perverse is it ?!

Ok, there's not much in the way of singletrack but the bridleways flow through some glorious contryside and the rolling hills usually give you a great view. Which is a complete contrast to the limited sights I get in my local woods. The area has very similar terrain to the Westoning posse's with a mix of bridleways slicing through farmland. Most of the villages look like they've been lifted from chocolate boxes with some fab houses which made this "towny" wonder about a life with less concrete...

It's official, Uphilla is a nasty man ! Why? After a few miles crankin' he whizzed us straight past a great lookin' chippy (in Long Buckby) which smelt absolutely magnificent. But did he stop, oh no - the cruel man :p

Crossing over the A5, M1 and railway "corridor" we found it hellish noisy and I felt quite relieved to be out on a bike rather than those poor stressed out commuters, cramed into tin cans, travelling gawd-knows how many miles. Only to it all again the next day !

All in all, this was a very pleasant way to spend an evening in some good company. Topped off with a pint in the local pub - where they ignore spandex clad strangers...

You'll fine some more pic's here and even a Tracklog of the route here.

Posse: DDave, Farqui, Uphilla
Mechanicals: DDave had a loose chainring bolt and a noisy chain guide.
Weather: Windy, cloudy, cool yet pleasant.


Farqui said...

Thanx for the guided tour fella's, I enjoyed it.

Although I could have done with a few less of the gates, for a moment there I thought I was back at Afan !

***dreams of rocks and big hills***

uphilla said...

You are welcome anytime! Hope to do a longer ride another time and explore some of our local woods.
Long Buckby has a chippy, Chinese Restaurant, Chinese takeaway, two Indian restaurants, Pizza takeaway and Gourmet Restaurant - so you have to develop an immunity to all the tempting aromas. Sorry! :-( Maybe next time.
The gates are a welcome chance to catch your breath for us older geeezers ;-) Better than stiles IMHO.
Great pictures Farqui - you have gone all 'Arty Farty' on us :-)

Farqui said...

Crumbs with that many places to munch, it's defo bigger that I first thought.

The rutted section wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated, so perhaps I picked the smoother side ? The Ridgeway was much, much worse - a cranks level job. Mind you, I wouldn't want to ride either when they're muddy and wet !