Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Peaks Ride Anyone ?

Folks, a colleague (John) has graviously offered to show us around his local, gritty Midlands patch with a slightly different slant on an earlier visit but will still include Jacob's Ladder and the Beast.

Local suggestion...If you haven't done Jacob's Ladder before, then you're best approaching it from the Hayfield side, so I suggest meeting in Edale, completing a loop out and back to Hayfield and finishing on a descent of Jacob's Ladder into Edale. This covers about 18 miles of reasonably challenging riding and will take about 3 - 3.5hours.

We can then have a break in Edale (pub or cafe) and then do an out and back to include the Beast - with approx 10 miles of moderate riding, taking about 2hours.

When: Sunday 20th August, 10am

Trailhead: Edale, train station


Farqui said...

I'm defo up for this, as is Rob.

The idea of lunch break sounds great and it'll give peeps an opportunity to leave early if their legs aren't up for the "beast".

uphilla said...

Going away on Hols next day so will not be able to make this one :-( :-(

toons said...


What's the nearest town, village etc?

I'll need to find out, how long it'll take to drive.

dozer said...

Have a good ride. I can't make it, I'll be over in Ireland visiting the out-laws

Farqui said...

A bummer that Dozer and Uphilla are away, but then it is the holiday season.

Toons, give Google Earth a try.

Farqui said...
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Farqui said...

Our Notts rep, Roger, is looking forward to this and will see if any of his locals are also available.

Farqui said...

Unfortunately, Roger can no longer make this Sunday.

note from John..."Meet Edale for 10:00am. I reckon we meet at the train station. Not too sure about the parking round there but if we meet near the CafĂ© on the road up to the train station then we can’t go far wrong. Any changes and I'll let you know.

The intended ride is to do a circular route over to Hayfield and back descending back into Edale via Jacob's Ladder. That's the morning sorted. For the Afternoon, if we have the energy, then it's an out and back to take in the Beast.

An unusual itinery I know but no apologies - Farqui and Rob are keen to experience Jacob's Ladder and the Beast during their visit to this neck of the woods. A first for both of them, so I'm looking forward to seeing the look on their faces."