Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A play in Woburn

Last night we had a thoroughly enjoyable blat around Aspley Heath with plenty of new bits for the boys to try, along with a few sections that I'd not ridden in a couple of years of more. Our plan was to start and finish alongside the jump area and cut out the ride from my pad, allowing us more time to play and explore :D

The trails are now getting quite overgrown but a few unexpected "diversions" were pleasant enough. Most of the standing water has drained away now although there are still a few patches of gloop to entertain. Which brings me neatly onto an early bath in a deceptively deep pool that nearly caught me out but did manage to drag Rob off his steed and into it's murky depths. No injury's were sustained and it was reminiscent of Uphilla's tumble at Cannock last year which also occurred within the first mile or so.

We looped around a to the jump area a couple of times and found a few new routes from top to bottom. I'm sure that the DH boys had a good chuckle at us XC guys tippy-toeing around in there but we all enjoyed it. There were a few lads there to entertain us with their big air and somehow making it all look so easy :X

Heading over to the hardly ridden south west corner, behind the golf course where Rob gallantly cleared the chest high nettles in his full length leggings with his Flux come threshing machine. Around the corner, we found some big (fairly) downs and ups along with more gloop, where Farq's clumsily misjudged a line and slithered to a premature halt. It was on the return leg that Dozer misjudged a trough, steep rise, steeper drop and final trough and all Rob and I clocked was his handle bars slamming into his chest and kinda breaking his fall. Again no nasty injuries were acquired but I did find it funny that he'd just seen me struggle to clear it, yet still got caught out. But that's why we ride off road right ? - for the challenge.

It wasn't a mega mileage ride but the ol'legs were still tested, especially having cranked out my normal commute.

A good evening with good weather, good company, good trails - what more could you ask for ? "When's the next one ?"

A Tracklogs version of the route can be downloaded here.

Posse: Dozer, Rob, Farq's
Mechanicals: Rob suffered a dragging rear brake (not that it slowed him down much), his fork settings were skewed along with wearing far too many clothes on such a sticky night. Farq's has a mysterious creak which prob'ly means a strip and regrease of the cranks.
Weather: Dry, warm, still and very clear evening - perfect.


Rob said...

Twas a great ride, conditions were superb. That back brake was really dragging, I just assumed it was all uphill!!

Too many layers, pah, it wasn't that warm!!

Caught out by a big muddy puddle I was and very stupid I felt too but I do claim some mitigation from the fact I had my fork compression control dialled right out for smooth ride on the FNC, consequently it dived down the first hole I saw!

Soon is when the next ride will be soon. Cheers

dozer said...

It was a good ride. More technical, ups and downs rather than the fast XC stuff (good). Struggled to keep up with the other 2 lightweight whippets! I had no Dan to keep me company!!

As for my spill can't blame anyone but me. My belly was on the FNC setting, it rolled over the handlebars on the first bump and took the rest of me with it. No damage though. Fortunately it was just before a large group of riders came round the corner, so only a small audience!! :-)

Enjoyed the downhill/lights-out section. Even if the walkers looked a little scared, but then Lee and myself were a little concerned as well!!

Farqui said...

Excellent, I'm glad you enjoyed it fella's. Reckon we ought to make this a regular thang.

What Dozer neglected say was that the large group of riders then cleared "his" section without any fuss, albeit in the other direction. Reckon there were lade-eeze in there too :p

The thing with Woburn is that you have to take particular care over the roots but can often let down your guard elsewhere.

Interestingly, Dozer likened the terrain to Cannock, minus the rocky stuff.

Endozer's smoke screen gave a Rob tough decision deciding where the peds were on the DH section :o I'm still not sure how I missed the runner coming uphill. I certainly had great fun controlling the slide, drifting this way and that. Fast and sand = big fun.

Farqui said...

I've cured my squeak, but it too a few tries.

#1 clean/lube seatpost

#2 clean/lube seat rails/clamp

#3 clean/lube bb/cranks (XT outboard bearings are still smooth after 12 months abuse)

2hrs later I still have "the" noise.

#4 invert bike, lash spray gease around seat rails to saddle and leave overnight.

Sorted, in 30secs !

Although I think #3 was still necessary as I also had a noise when cranking out of the saddle.