Monday, April 03, 2006

Raw no more ?

Over the wkend the internet rumour mill reported that Raw Experience have ceased trading which'd be a tremendous blow anyone with has bits from Manitou, CrankBros, Berghauss, etc.

More info at; BikeBiz, Singletrack and BikeMagic.


Farqui said...

If it's true, then I'm sure they'll be sorely missed - I've found their Manitou warranty dept to be terrific.

daahnhilla said...

It is, they onounced going bust on Friday of last week.

Not sure what your experience of the Warranty deptartment is, but it's being shocking for us, and a bit slow on order uptake, though the guys that work on the end of the phones will bend over backwards to help you out.. shame really.

Farqui said...

Hmmm, v.different from my experience - anyone who's followed my early 5Spot and Nixon woes will know that I've made good use of Raw's warranty dept. On both occassions, they were prompt, helpful and keen to resolve my problems. All for just the cost of postage, one way. At the last visit, they replaced my IT infernals with Manitou's latest revisions and mrNixon has since performed flawlessly - let's hope that's not the kiss of death to 'em :rolleyes

daahnhilla said...

Manitou have been taken in by Madison (importers of distributors of All Shimano, Finish Line, Aztec, Thor, Kryptonite etc).

Not sure how they will deal with one of the most complex suspension products on the market, they have had prievious experience with suspension as they used to do Rockshox, though it wasn't much of a successful venture.

Don't know if there is any chance of recovery, but it would be shame not to be able to speak to Alan at Raw, he was one of the soundest guys at any of the importers...

The bad experiences with them include them lying about not receiving a shock (we had to get tracking number and proof of delivery to make them admit) and taking a long time to do things, but otherwise were quite good, especially where the 05 forks were concerned. They did get the travel issue sorted well.

daahnhilla said...

An update:

Madison will definatly be taking on Manitou suspension products, and I asume Answer too, as Answer is the parent company.

THeir Warranty dept will not be up an running until May.