Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Help, I'm Loosing It !

Peeps, help me keep my sanity (tho some might argue it's too late) 'cos I haven't been on a bike for well over a week now and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.

Why? - Well last week was hectic and a broken pannier rack meant that even commuting was curtailed. Then came Friday (a bank holiday) for which I had great plans of a ride over to Woburn.

However, within just half a mile I felt a slight twinge in my lower back and whilst pumping up a soft rear tyre a real nasty shot of pain surged through my body. I managed just a 2 mile loop back to the house, at which point my spine was really complaining. Rest it lad, that's all it needs - and I did...

...until Saturday when I felt much better. So much so, that I easily managed to help the Brumster decorate his living room with only a mild and dull ache felt later that evening. As I recall, I even managed a loop around the Brummy's garden on his Liquid and a few minutes chasing his pooch.

However, Sunday and Monday saw me pay for all that activity and had me hobbling around like a geriatric - with any amount of sitting generating severe spasms, ouch. Lie flat mister, lie flat - and I did.

Yesterday, I seem to be on the mend and I very nearly made a full day at the office and although the spasms are less, sitting seems to strain my lower back muscles after a few hours. Today is slightly more promising with far less of the 'rrible spasms but I'm now taking anti-inflammatory's in an effort to speed recovery. Mighty hot baths help.

So peeps, help keep me sane and please recount any bike antic's you lucky blighters have been up to...


uphilla said...

Bad news, Buddy, hope you get well soon.
Sadly nothing exciting happening here apart from plans in my head for the better weather ahead :-)and maybe some much needed fettling!
Having experienced something similar in the past can only suggest you take it easy, take the anti-inflammatory things + painkillers and do some exercises lying on a hard flat surface (bent knees, drop to one side then the other etc.). Was told that hot baths might feel like a good thing, but could aggravate the problems – so take it easy!
Hope you are able to get back on two wheels soon.

uphilla said...
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Farqui said...

Thanx for the words of wisdom friend. Darn sorry that you've no riding story's, tho I bet your still resting from your glacial activity :p

My mobility minus the pain has only just returned so it'll be a day or so before I can do stretching or any excercises, but I'll endeavour to get to it as soon as poss.

I hate pills but I figure that reducing any swelling is a good thang in this instance.

I'll heed your warning about the baths, even tho they feel sooo good :D

Dan Howell said...

Bex' dad had some pretty severe back pain a few weeks ago, and being the cantankerous (sp?) sod that he is, he refused to go see a quack. Instead, he lay on the floor front-down and demanded his other half stand on his spine good'n'proper. I appreciate there isn't much science going on at this point, but he swears he was right as ninepence afterwards and has had no problems since.

So maybe a visit to a chiropractor should be on the cards?

Farqui said...

Today is the first day that I've been able to move around / sit up 'n' down without any pain. I just have a lingering ache so fingers crossed that I'm truely on the mend.

I did sneak into another hot bath last night tho.

From my previous bouts of back pain and Chipmunk's experience with chiro-whats-its I suspect that my troubles are muscular. However, if I can't shake it then I'll consider anything - although someone standing on my spine :ohmy doesn't sound like fun.

toons said...

Sorry to hear about your back pain, find yourself a good osteopath (they manipulate soft tissue!) and get him\her to sort you out.

Also you probably know this, but don’t sit for too long, get up and walk around, I found that helps and take shed loads of painkillers.

Was up in Drumlanrig on Tuesday, was good like, but not as good as Kirroughtree, posted a few pic’s on me blog.


Farqui said...

Toons, now that's what I need - some bike p@rn :p Riding in a t-shirt in Scotland tho ! I guess the "wildlife" would be bugs 'n' midges...

I see that you've still got the Gravity Dropper seatpost on, getting on ok wiv'it are ya ? How many inches ya opt for ?

Your 5Spot looks quite a beast with a bash ring and the "dropper", unlike our XC steeds.

toons said...

There were Midges, I got bit a few times whilst eating me lunch! But also proper wildlife, loads of pheasants and partridges scattering all over the place. I only saw one other rider, so it was pretty tranquil.

Aye the GD is very good, as long as there’s technical stuff. I went for the 4" one, it drops 1” then 3” To be honest I’ve rarely used all of the 4”, you’d need a major drop for that.

I did fit a heim chain guide for the ride and its bloody rubbish, its going on eBay ASAP. It’s too noisy, my almost silent drive system sounds like a chainsaw, but it does stop chain slap!

Farqui said...

My back is much better today, with the painful spasms stopping yesterday. I can even managed a bit of bending tho the whole of my lumbar region now has a dull ache. I'm v.happy to now be feeling improvements day on day.

It looks like we'll be taking amble around the Pines on Sunday, so fingers crossed that a) I'm ok to ride by then b) that I don't screw my back up in the process !

Farqui said...

Over the wkend my back has improved and I'm v.nearly back to zero pain, just the odd ache.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to ride Sherwood Pines yesterday as it's a pain storing bikes at my folks and I didn't want to push my back too far too soon.

I'll see if I can ride my commuter this evening for a "normal" trip to/from work tomorrow...

Farqui said...

I managed a pain free amble around the block last night so I prep'd for a commute this morning. What a relief to get get back in the saddle, esp as there's no pain. Even the ache had subsided by the time I got to work. Hurrah.

I'll give it a few days gentle ride before I hit any "smooth" off road tho.