Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March'06 Ride

Latest...we've now settled on Coed-y-Brenin (Forest of Kings) as a venue, the weekend of March 17/18/19th, and Cadair View Lodge for accommodation.

Posse, after 2005's most excellent visit to Afan we've had a couple of requests for a return trip over the Welsh border to explore some of the other FC riding venues. Somewhere central this time, perhaps closer to the former Welsh capital at Machynlleth ? Don't fret too much about the weather as I'm assured that the FC commission trails are rideable all year...but can the posse stand the possibility of a wet and frosty wkend ?

Footnote; Braydrude & I hit Nant yr Arian & Mach in Oct'04 and I'd categorise both these venues as mostly open moorland riding with relatively little man made madness. Another consideration (if partners / kiddies are in tow) is the lack of novice trails to entertain the entourage. I've ridden a little further north at Coed y Brenin many times and still haven't covered all the trails in the area. There are new facilities being built that should come close to those available down at Afan and there are a wide choice of a novice tracks thru to expert available. We normally stay just up the road at the novel, bike friendly b&b - Old Mill Farmhouse. In the far north we have Betws y Coed and the most excellent Gwydyr trail which was so taxing that an earlier posse visit in '04 didn't manage to complete it. Two hardcore cycle couriers and a few stragglers tried but eventually ran out of time. No gentle trails off up here folks.


uphilla said...

All sounds very exciting, I am happy to try anything. David has had more experience of the Welsh trails, so I will pick his brain to see which he thinks would be best for XC riding.

Dan Howell said...

I'll provisionally show an interest, on the following provisos...

1) Insurance company fulls it's finger out of it's fucking arse and sorts me out a replacement steed (and a decent one at that)

2) It's no more taxing than Afan last year - that was about my limit!

Farqui said...

uphilla, all the FC trails are XC orientated with very few are DH specific.

Brumster, I'm afraid that all Welsh hills are steep no matter where you ride. Those down in Afan were pretty technical and demanding, I don't recall the other Welsh climbs being as demanding. What say the others ?

Farqui said...

Apparently, the new CyB visitor centre will be opening in the spring along with revised routes as the new centre will be over the road.

I guess that the original centre will remain open and as they don't mention closing any of the trails.

uphilla said...

Worth looking at - found some of their videos good viewing. Particularly like the look of the Black Mountain loop. Map:
Video here:
This one could be done as a day trip in better weather as it is not that far into Wales.

uphilla said...

Neater Links!! Thanks Farqui!

Farqui said...

I've been giving this some thought and personally thunk that we'd be better off arranging this trip for at least March, possibly even April. Why ? 'cos we're likely to get better weather.

However, if the rest of the Posse are happy with Jan/Feb then they'd better get their fingers out and arrange summat !

Farqui said...

Perhaps you might like to checkout GoMidWales

Farqui said...

Hi Folks,

Can you believe that 2006 is already upon us ? This and the realisation that I've not yet planned any "big" rides has prompted me to get busy with some surfing and organising, but I need your help. A riding Posse is needed pdq to chase down (and up) some beltin Welsh trails...

If you clocked one of the early blogs, then you'll recall that after last years WSSR both Roger & Ben indicated that they were keen to revisit Wales and those excellent Forestry Commission trails. Rather than head back down south to Afan, it's been suggested that we head somewhere in central Wales. Get your bearings by hover over the centres on the map at MBWales where each FC centre has trail maps, etc.

Cadiar also promotes the mid Wales MTB options pretty well.

A Venue...

Machynlleth, Nant y Arian and the new Climax trails are fairly close to Aberystwyth and have nearly half a dozen routes between 'em. Alternatively, if you’d prefer something in the wilderness, then I'm also familiar with a killer loop around the Cadair Idris mountain range (towards the coast and Barmouth).

The Coed Y Brenin centre is just north of Dolgellau and has a good range of routes and is within 30 minutes drive to the Mach trails. A few miles north is the new Penmachno trail.

Both are around 2.5 - 3hrs steady drive from MK

As I've been around (oh-err) almost all the centre's now, may I suggest that we base ourselves around Coed y Brenin as there are more than sufficient trails in the area for a good wkends riding. It's also in between Mach (30 mins) or even Betws-y-Coed in the north (50 mins) if we get bored or if the current CyB trail adjustments cut short some of the trails. The ranger didn't report any closures or planned closures as of 23rd Dec. Plus I don't believe any of ya have been there.

If anyone has any objections then shout now or forever follow my rear tyre !

When ?

We're already in January so the likelihood of managing to arrange and partake in a trip before Feb is unlikely.

February tends to be a bitterly cold month with our skewed British winters. Dozer is skiing for a wk in the middle of the month and very reluctant to ride anything gnarly before this, should he break anything - which he's a habit of doing whilst on two wheels.

March tends to see the temperature climb a little and the days lengthen, so to me this appears to be a good starting point. Especially as Dozer (pending Rugby schedules) Rob (alternative wkends) are both kinda available and I myself am absolutely itchin' to get back there.

April has a bank holiday which might cut into peeps ability to sneak away for a wkend riding. Rob has already indicated that he's unavailable for a week during April.

Once we've settled on a suitable date, then I'll hunt down some place to stay.

Therefore, can we all please id which wkend in March is preferable; 4/5th, 11/12th, 18/19th, 25/26th.

Accommodation ?

Settling on a venue (hehe) then allowed me to focus on somewhere we can hole up after riding ourselves senseless. I've stayed at a few of the suggestions below and other look interesting. All are biker friendly (we'll test that theory!) and have secure bike storage.

B&B - Plas Dolmelynllyn Country Hotel, Ganllwyd, Dolgellau; On the southern side of CyB (looks very close, approx 5 miles north of Dolgellau). £40 - £90 pppn. Evening meals available. Non smoking. Ample parking.

B&B - Old Mill Farmhouse, Trawsfynydd; On the northern side of CyB (approx 4miles). £30 - £50 pppn. Evening meals by arrangement. Ample parking. Rooms in two converted stables with individual access, so no corridors or squeaky floorboards.

B&B - Bikers Retreat, Dolgellau; In the centre of town. £20 - £40 pppn.

Cabin - Cadair View Lodges, Bronaber; Backs onto the northern side of CyB (approx 10 miles north of Dolgellau). £12 - £17 pppn (£140 - £200 wkend, sleeping 6-ish). Late availability also an option at a discounted rate - email sign-up. Bike hire and dry ski slope on site, along with a pub that does good grub.

Cottages - Ferndale, CyB; In CyB, a mixture of accommodation. Approx £10 - £17 pppn.

Pub / B&B - Tyn y Groes; between Dolgellau and CyB. £27.50 pppn. The literature says hotel but that's very grand for what it really is, a pub. MTBers seem to like it, although we found the found basic and the road is v.busy so you might not get a good nights kip.

For last years trip to Afan we tried to juggle the accommodation with some possible post ride festivities. However, I seem to recall that no one was keen to wander the hillsides for booze when we had plenty on tap at the cabin. Besides, who after a day in the saddle, followed by a shower and some home cooked tukka (thanx Sue) could move further than the beer cooler ?

I for one, really enjoyed the cabins last year (thnax Dan) and wouldn't mind a repeat this year. What do y'all thunk ?

Lets roll with this over the next week or so and see how it pan's out. I've updated the blog and if you'd like to reply there then everyone knows what's happening. If you'd rather play your card close to your chest and respond via email then I'll post it on the blog anyway !

Open Invitation

Please feel free to pass this on to any of the '05 WSSR posse that I don't have email addy's for, or anyone else you think might appreciate a right good blat on some world class trails.

Cheers, Farq's

uphilla said...

I would be happy with CYB in March and should be able to get away for a weekend if I can give plenty of notice. Thanks for all the research! Also see latest MBR for some info on the trails around that area.

Rob said...

March 4th or 18th for me I have my kids the other weekends but will attempt a swap if anyone else really needs to make t’other dates.

Accommodation, I have no preference but happy to pay rather than slum it!

Are we travelling Friday night and making 2 days of it? Fine by me.

Dave if you wanna go I don’t mind driving that’ll keep the cost right down for you.

Farqui said...

I'm actually tempted to take Friday off, drive there in the morning and hit a trail in the afternoon - a warm up if you will. But I guess much depends on accommodation.

Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Darren...

March is a bad month for me as have several birthdays and a week away, so Feb or April would be better. Sounds good so if dates are good you can count on me.

Farqui said...

Head count thus far;

Darren - prefer Feb or April
Dozer - may make the Sat ride(s)
Uphilla - any
Rob - prefer 4th or 18th
Farqui - any

The Notts posse have been suspiciously quiet, especially as it was their idea !

Uphilla, will David be joining us ?

Can you please confirm that Les, Graham, Mark, Nat and Tim have all received word of the trip as I've not heard a peep out of 'em.

Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Roger...

I need to check my duties at work, which I will do soon and get back to you with a date.

I do however fancy Coed Y Brenin and the Ferndale cottages / bungalow, which gets my vote.

Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Uphilla...

David will come along if it fits with work, etc.

Farqui said...
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Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Roger...

My fave date for March is weekend Fri 17th so that would be my vote. I can do other dates but that is a rest day weekend so I will put that one down 1st and see what the general consensus is.

Farqui said...

The new Coed-y-Brenin Visitor Centre is due to open at Easter. Pic's & info in the linky thingy.

Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Darren...

This months What Mountain Bike has the route round Machynlleth and describes the route as the best riding you'll find in mid wales, either meaning that riding in mid wales is crap or it is genuinely a good place to ride.

Third or fourth weekend in March are the only available for me but you can count me in.

Farqui said...

...posted on behalf of Ben...

Just be checking shifts and I'm on evenings over that wkend (18th March). I can't get out of it, so I'm not going to be able to come :(

Farqui said...

Head count thus far;
Darren - 18th
Farqui - any
Rob - prefer 4th or 18th
Roger - 18th
Uphilla - 18th
x5 defo's

Dan - might, pending MTB
David - pending shift
Salty - checking dates

Day Pass;
Dozer - may make the Sat ride(s)

Ben - on 18th, alternatives ?

I still haven't heard a peep out of Les, Graham, Mark, Nat, Tim or Toons so they're likely to have to arrange their own accommodation unless they chime in soon - wake-y, wake-y.

toons said...

Sorry Dude, defo won’t be able to make this one, currently trying to sort a holiday for the end of Feb beginning of March.


Rob said...

News from the FNC, Les looks unlikely but Grrrm is a probable.

Will confirm in next few days.

Farqui said...

GoMidWales have just released their newsletter which has some interesting bumf about routes and accommodation. Checkout the PDF.

Farqui said...

Head count thus far;
Darren - 18th
Farqui - any
Rob - prefer 4th or 18th
Roger - 18th
Uphilla - 18th
x7 defo's

Dan - might, pending DIY
Salty - checking dates

Day Pass;
Dozer - may make the Sat ride(s)

Farqui said...

I'm now going to start looking for accommodation and a final head count is going to be mighty helpful. If you've anyone else you think would be interested then please speak up, else they'll have to make their own arrangements.

Confirmed posse = 7;

To show our commitment, lets now each make a £25 deposit which'll cover any retainer necessary to secure us all a bed. If I don't receive any money (or at least an acknowledgement) by Friday 10th Feb then I'll assume that you're making your own arrangements. I'm happy to receive your deposits either via cash, a cheque or electronic transfer. If you'd prefer the latter, then I'll text you the relevant bank account details.

Roger, Rob and myself are intending to travel on Friday and will require a bed for 2 nights. With the intention of getting two rides in on Saturday and a final blat on Sunday morning before heading home. Does this also go for the rest of you or is anyone intending to arrive early on Saturday morning and staying just 1 night ?

Any preferences to the type of accom would also be good, Roger has already mentioned Ferndale cottages, Geoff fancy's something that isn't too basic, Rob is happy to go with the flow (provided that he gets a bath) and I'm happy to either re-visit my trusty ol'b&b, try a log cabin or go with either of the Ferndale offerings. So I guess that makes 2 votes for Ferndale.

Ferndale averages at approx £15pppn - if full occupancy, all twin bedded rooms, incl games room. Mostyn Cottage sleeps 8, £160pn and Ferndale Bungalow 10, £90pn.

Old Mill Farmhouse b&b runs at approx £27pppn - had plenty of room available when I called 'em a few wks ago.

The log cabins seem to sleep 6 which doesn't sit comfortably with our current headcount, but they reckon on £11pppn, full occupancy.

How'd the rest of you feel about any other these ? Or any alternatives ?

While your deposits are coming in, I'll confirm the availability.

Brumster, as you'll finally have a set of knobblies again at the wkend, do you think you'll be able to make this trip ? With accom required ?

Dozer & Salty, are you still hoping to get up a day ? I'm assuming that you won't need anywhere to kip.

Farqui said...

I've now heard back from the short listed accommodation and can give y'all some feedback so that we can make a final decision. I'll drop in some comments regarding their location and local amenities so that you've a better picture of what's what and where's where.

B&B, OldMillFarmhouse - a novel b&b with a mix of rooms within two stable blocks and breakfast in the main house. Plenty of rooms available, with a combo of twins and bunks (large & small). Secure bike storage. Approx £27pppn, £55 ea for the wkend. 4-5 miles north of CyB on edge of village with a pub nearby, excellent food/pub 5-10mins drive north. Owners might cook evening meals for us if they're available.

Mostyn Cottage - sleeps 8, 2 bathrooms (showers) pool table. Unsure if any secure bike storage is available. 6 to 8 occupancy gives approx £11-13pppn, £20-27 each for the wkend. Smack bang in the middle of the forest, dark and desolate but handy for starting either the MBR or Karrimor routes halfway around. Pub and facilities are a good 15min+ drive in any direction.

Ferndale bungalow is unavailable.

Log Cabins - typically sleep 6, Cadair sleeps 7 in 2 bunks, double bed setee and single fold up bed. A single cabin with full occupancy gives approx £14pppn, £29 ea for the wkend. If we opt for two cabins and say 6 of us spread out a little then the cost increases to approx £30pppn, £60 ea for the wkend. Secure bike storage, bike wash, work stands and tools. Good pub onsite, with a small shop, bike/ski hire and ski slope. Owners seem to keen to please and also ride MTB's. Right on the northern edge of CyB forest, approx 2-3 miles ride via the road.

Each have their own plus points and I've used the B&B before so I know that it's basic but clean, bikes will be secure, the food is good and it's made for ya 1st thing. Mostyn looks nice but the owner hasn't yet confirmed secure storage which ain't lookin' good for the amount of bling we'll be taking. It's also in the middle of nowhere which is either a plus if you want a retreat or bad if you want to get pickled at a local boozer. The log cabins look to have a good balance of amenities and location, yet the worst case costs aren't much higher than the B&B. Personally, I'll opt for the cabin based on location with the onsite pub. Does anyone else object ? - Uphilla, has David given any feedback to these or did your request for more comfort "suggest" his comments ? If the cabin is a go-er then shall be snuggle up in 1 or go for 2 ?

Guys, I need deposits otherwise I won't include you on the booking and you'll have to fend for yourself. This lack of commitment also means that I won't be reserving anywhere for those that "might" attend. If no more monies are received in the next few days then I'll simply reserve a cabin just those that have already made the effort. The sooner I get commitment from y'all, the sooner I'll be able to book accom and ensure we have a place to sleep. The longer it's left will increase the risk of you personally having to look for other accom.

Darren - deposit required, I've not had acknowledgement of the earlier email so can you please respond ASAP
Uphilla's David - deposit required

If you'd like to issue an electronic transfer then just let me know and I'll sms you the details.

Graham - will hand deposit to Dozer, as you live near Darren could you please confirm that he's checked his email and know's the deal
Roger - will sort deposit at next meet
Farq's - paid
Rob - paid, do you have mobile #'s for Darren ? and Graham while we're at it...
Uphilla - paid

Farqui said...

Just had confirmation back from Mostyn and they do have secure bike storage, seperate from their other properties.

Farqui said...

...on behalf of Darren...

Sorry got to cratch by orders of a high power.

Thanks for the invite and have a good weekend.

Farqui said...

Thanx for the monies Downhilla and Sicknote, much appreciated and confirms you're enthusiasm for what will be a truly excellent trip.

Confirmed posse = 6;
Sicknote (aka Graham)

I'll book accom tomorrow and report back.

Farqui said...

The cabin, Cadair View Lodge is now booked. If you haven't already then checkout some pic's.

The owner was very helpful and will organise all the MTB bits incl'g a DVD of the routes for our arrival. They appear to know what they're talking about as they also know the where abouts of the elusive "Pink Heifer"...

Farqui said...

I've now received confirmation that our cabin is book, along with an information sheet and directions, attached. Although travel arrangements aren't confirmed yet, I expect that Roger and I will arrive on Friday afternoon between 3 and 5pm. I understand that the rest of ya will be attempting a days work prior to travelling over, so we should have the place nice and cosy for your arrival !

Take note that the flyer indicates we'll each need to take;
2 pillow cases
either a sheet & duvet or a sleeping bag

Additionally we'll also need tea towels - which I'll deal with. In readiness for much alcohol consumption, I'll also bring along a few extra loo rolls & air freshener !

At the moment we've 6 peeps confirmed and I expect that the sleeping arrangements will have Geoff & David (pa & son) in the double futon with the rest of us scattered through the singles. I trust that'll be ok and if anyone wants to sleep with anyone in particular can we all know about it NOW please. If we're all bringing sleeping bags then it's no big deal but take note of the size if you're bringing a duvet.

Whether we have 6 or the full 7 (website indicates a fold-up bed for lucky#7) makes little difference to the final amount we each have remaining to pay. With 6, it currently stands at £8 each which I'm happy to take as is but I've been hatching a plan. If we round the £8 up to something still reasonable like say £20 each, then we'll not only pay off the cabin but also have a handy £72 "kitty". *insert your own "pole dancing" chuckle here*. We could then use this slush fund to acquire essentials for our stay, perhaps; larger/bitter, tea/coffee, milk, full english, porridge/pancakes/maple syrup (a personal pre-ride fave), pizza's, spag bol (pasta=carbs), etc. If I get a consensus that this "scheme" is good to go then we'll draft up a shopping list, including peeps preferences (larger or bitter, etc) and dietary requirements ! I've a local Cosco nearby that'll get us the majority of our wares on the cheap - Rob, stop wrinkling your nose at the thought 'cos you're coming along to help. It has good beer, their pizza's are monstrous and tasty too along with a host of other goodies. If anyone requires anything from Harrods then they can jolly well have their butler fetch it ! If anyone would like to volunteer to take this on then please feel free to take the initiative.

Let me know what y'all thunk.

As we're now a little over 4 wks away from giving our bikes (& us) a good hammering, I highly recommend that we each give our rides at least a quick service/once over to ensure they stay in one piece on them Welsh hills. I thought mine was fine but have thus far spent the week re-aligning brakes, changing jockey wheels, regreasing bearings, etc. If you do it know then you'll have plenty of time to order, receive, fit and trail the mod's rather than relying on a last minute scramble. At the very least, you'll definitely need a decent set of tyres on. I expect that between Rob & I that we'll be able to bring along a suitable selection of workshop tools and a few spares (chains, tyres, etc) which should be able to keep us riding should we have any drama's.

If you're ordering bits, then I recommend the following;
plenty of spare tubes - Afan ate almost every one we had
spare pads
lube, chain cleaner
any spare bits and bobs that you "might" need
energy bars

Farqui said...

Downhilla has offer to acquire any bits (cheap) for anyone that needs anything e.g. Spesh tubes @ approx 75p. Contact gemo AT fs2 DOT com if you're interested.

He also recommends tough tyres as he's damaged sidewalls at CyB, I'm not sure which tho. Personally, I've had no bother with either 2.1 Panaracer XC Fire's or WTB Motoraptors and will be trying Bonty ACX's this time. I'll also take along a few spares boots to cover any drama's.

Farqui said...

Update: we now have a full complement of 7 staying in the cabin as Ben has managed to wangle a free wkend - welcome aboard pal.

That now leaves us each with £4 to pay for the cabin. Do peeps just want to pay this and not bother with a "kitty" ?

daahnhilla said...

The tyres I damaged where Maxxis High Rollers:-p. Tore the side wall open, just before that duel course at the bottom! Must be the way I wang the back wheel into rocks to bounce off and get more speed;)

I'll be bringing a crate load of those Park sticky patches, a wadge of powerlinks, and loads of tubes.

Think I'll just run the same tyres this year, rather than the DH reinforced version, the thought of sitting at the back on the climbs cos I've got supertacky tyres that weigh 1.3kg sickens me :(.
I'll run the 700grams ones instead;)

Really looking forward to this!
Couple of corners I'm gonna try and get the Sam Hill style drift on.... hehe.

Got a Downhill race this weekend, so will have to try not to injure myself too much!

Farqui said...

Holly cr@p DDave, 1.3kg a tyre ! That's more than my bike weighs ;-)

Yeah I'm getting even more excited about the trip too, esp as it's less than 2wks away. My knee held up around Cannock on Sunday so I'm optomistic that it'll last the wkend.

Rob recently gave me some of those glueless patches as he swears by 'em, - not literally I hope ! I've not had a chance to try 'em yet tho.

Farqui said...

Good luck with the race too.

daahnhilla said...

HAHA, pretty heavy huh?

And us dh folk think thats not bad...

Looks like this weekends going to be a mudbath... should be fun! Will report back with a ride report and pics If i get chance!

Farqui said...

I thought it was time that I posted one last comment, this time to finalise a few things whilst we've still a few days in hand to settle 'em before we all arrive at CyB.

Sleeping : We each need to bring; 2 pillow cases, 1 duvet/sheet or sleeping bag and towels. It'd also be helpful if you could each bring some loo roll.

Kitty : As only two peeps bothered to respond with any remarks to my earlier suggestion - I'm giving y'all once last chance to comment, otherwise you'll each be bringing your own; breakfast fodder, milk, tea/coffee, snacks, alco pop's, din-din's, etc. I suppose that the evening meals aren't such a big issue as you may choose to haul your tired and bruised limbs up the hill to the pub. Neither is lunch ain't such a problem as we'll be chowing down in CyB's cafe and if you're able to ride with gusto on an empty stomach then the breaky's won't be a problem either. Personally I need my fave pre-ride munchies inside me, especially when I've to numerous Welsh climbs before me.

Geoff has graciously offered to provide spag.bol for Sat eve should anyone be interested, I certainly am.

Roger will prob'ly bring along a pizza for Friday night and is happy to pop to the pub on Sat but he wasn't adverse to the kitty idea either - a wise man 'cos at Afan we all had grand plans of hitting a local brew house only to find ourselves so whacked that we stayed at the cabin.

As I'm heading over to CyB early on Friday afternoon, I'll be taking pasta and meat balls (sufficient for 2) for Friday evening and will happily supplement Geoff's offer with a monster pizza. I'll also bag a few portions of porridge, pancakes and maple syrup - post Afan I know these are popular, so I'll try and bring sufficient ;-)

I'm happy to acquire milk tho I can't have it :( bread, jam or whatever if peeps would prefer but only if peeps let me know and are happy to contribute.

Now let's please have each of your views...

Directions : to be cabin can be found on their website;

Weather : Surprisingly the advance weather forecast shows that the approaching wkend will be dry; Fingers crossed that it stays that way. Hey, we might even be able to have a barby, pack your best Hawaiian shirt !

Clobber : As it looks like we may get a little damp over the wkend I suspect that it'd be wise to bring along a spare set of riding clobber as I'm not sure what drying facilities they'll be. As the majority of the riding is under tree cover we shouldn't get too soggy, any down pours are only likely to catch us on the fire roads. Oh and don't forget your helmet !

Tools : I'll be compiling a suitable toolbox this wk but if your steed requires any special mechanical gizmo's then please bring 'em along. I know that Rob has a work stand but as it'll be a tighter squeeze in his car that mine, I'll bring mine along. I bring along my chain cleaner but would appreciate you bringing along your own cleaning fluid as I'm getting a little low.

Spares : I've a bunch of spare tyres that I'll sling in the boot should we need 'em but if you've any special treads you'd prefer to use if ya pop a sidewall then oink 'em in your boot. David has offered to bring along some spare Spesh tubes for something like 75p ea, of which I'll take x10 please :-D Along with some spare power links and Park sticky patches.

Rob : can you please remember to bring along Roger's pads.

Farqui said...

...Robberty says...

I’m in agreement with all of that. Happy to have a kitty if others want to. I hadn’t thought about Friday night but it’s a good point as Grrr and I probably won’t get there early, I’ll try to chow down before setting off then a breakfast will do the trick.

On that subject as Geoff is bringing the bol, I guess I could grab a coupla packs a bacon, eggs and sausies. The full English is a speciality of mine that maybe I should share with all. So anyone NOT wanting bacon, sausage, black pud, Egg, tomato, mushrooms and toast? I don’t do rabbit food or bird seed related gruel so if I’m a solo pig scoffer I’ll bring me Frosties instead, they’re Grrrreat.

Oh and by the way NO Dave you cannot come up just for the breakfast!!

Have brake pads, will bring but more reminders is better…..!

I’ll take up the offer of a few tubes but I have plenty of everything else. My work stand will fit in the ME109 and happy to take if you want but will assume not. I’ll take a few tools, I have most stuff, if anyone needs a specific thingummy say now and I’ll take it otherwise forever hold the pieces…..

I’ll bring some booze, that always goes well.

Do you know the 1:25k sheet numbers we’ll be on? It’s about time I indulged my map addiction some more.

Cheers Rob

PS Track Pump? Lights? Battery chargers? Phone charger? Etrex? Camera?

Farqui said...

Thanx for the offer of greasy breaky but I'll have to decline the offer else y'all follow suit once you see me wretchin on a hill top. Bird seed for me then :x

Oh yeah, a Trackpump well done. I tripped over mine this evening :blush and put it somewhere even more "trip-able" so as not to forget it. The more we have of 'em the merrier tho.

Camera's, yes - bring lots. We need loads a snaps, loads of 'em.

1.25k map #'s ? Let's see...Tracklogs has Explorer 018 which looks about right. Although 023 might also be needed for the easter edge :rolleyes

Farqui said...

:blush, substitute "easter edge" with "eastern edge" !

Farqui said...

Sounds like we'll all be muckin' in then. So who's bringing desert ?

Farqui said...

Bring a torch, as I don't believe that the cabins have street lamps.

Hmmm, now that then poses an interesting possibility, hehe.

Who fancy's a night ride around CyB ?

I'll bring my L&M and trusty ol'halogen to share...

Farqui said...

Clicky thang for a couple of ride reports.