Monday, March 13, 2006

Cannock trip on Sat April 8th

After a recent spate of blogs about good times in Cannock Chase, a number of the Westoning crowd are feeling left out and are keen to give it a try themselves. Saturday 8th April seems to be the date that the following posse have passes for;
  • Brumster
  • DangerousDave
  • Darren
  • Dozer
  • Farqui
  • Les
  • Rob
  • Mick (guide)
Unfortunately, both Uphilla and Sicknote have indicated that they wouldn't be able to make this trip. If anyone else is interested in tag'g along then please chime in - perhaps the Notts posse are available ?

Rather than just whiz around the sort but sweet Follow the Dog trail (sw-ish corner of the map), we might try something like this WhatMTB inspired route that takes in some of the northern trails. Though Uphilla tells me that much of this particular route is on bridleway and not much tasty singletrack. Perhaps DDave can help us explore a little ? I expect he'll also be keen to get us XC boys over to the DH section for a play.

I'm hopeful that April will see the trails a little drier than they have been of late. Although a few wks ago I did manage to get around on a set of pads and still have some life in 'em. This notorious gloopy section that helps make the FtD trail eat brake pads in wet weather - has now been replaced with a nice swoopy, singletrack wrestle through the trees, which is much more fun and much less abrasive.


daahnhilla said...

Ooo, if uphilla isn't coming, may be a problem for me. Might be able to get the train to cannock, if I can rendevous with people at the Marquis Drive cafe.

Farqui said...

No sweat DDave, if you're stuck for a ride then I'm happy to collect ya on route.

chipmunk said...
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Farqui said...

Peeps, I'd prefer a morning/early afternoon ride as my presence has been requested at a part-ay in the early evening. Let me know if that's a problem...

daahnhilla said...

Morning is good for me too.

Would it be easier for me to get to MK station? I don't know how out of the way Daventry is for you.

Farqui said...

If you can get to MK station fairly easily then I'm ok with that - I'm not familiar with the choo-choo's and where they chug.

Although Daventry doesn't look like it'll be much of detour, esp if I rip up the M1 first.

Dan Howell said...

Sounds good. Becky is away on a hen weekend so chances are I'll have to bring pooch along, but she could just well be to the point where she'll run along with us now. Either that or I'll offload her onto the out-laws if it's going to be a full day'er.

Farqui said...

Unfortunately, the Notts contingent look they'll both be working on Sat 8th.

Over the next wk or so, I'm hoping that a local will provide us with some additional info re: some tasty singletrack...

Farqui said...

Behind the scenes the concensus is for a 10.30 arrival, 11am start at the Swinnterton Cycles car park.

I'll try and clear a landing strip for Rob's ME109 ;)

Farqui said...

I've just had word from Mick who's fairly local and familiar with the trails...that he's now be available to show us around some of the juicier bits.

Hopefully our antics will make up for his cancelled trip to Wales ;)

Dan Howell said...

Stonking day, with a wonderful array of weather and an excellent guide by the name of Mick who made it all the better.

Learnt a few things :-

1) If your hydration pack has got that horrible plasticky taste to water coming out of it, then soak it the night before with a liberal dose of lemon juice. Swill it around a bit, leave it in there for an hour, then swill out with cold water. Plasticky taste doesn't really disappear so much as is now fully masked by a lovely citrus taste instead :)

2) The Liquid is bomb-proof. Not a problem with it all day. More than can be said for someone's spotty ;).

3) I am a weakling, and the damage done by 7 months out of the saddle is (painfully) obvious. Sorry for holding up the pack guys!

4) Downhill is cool. Jumps are cool. Dangerous Dave is a God.

5) Lemon Meringue Pie is the fuel of heroes. 'nuff said.

6) Cannock Chase has at least 18 miles of interesting route. And the quarry-come-jump-park is pretty funky.

Pictures to follow on as usual. Right now, I'm off to walk the dog (this is going to hurt) then pop in the pub for a healthy bite to eat and a pint!

Thanks to all for making it a great day out.