Monday, March 06, 2006

Cannock 5th March

On Sunday, the Brumster decided it was time to give his new steed a good spankin around Cannock Chase and I tag'd along to checkout his new toy and ensure he didn't damage himself after 6 months out of the saddle. On the journey up the sun was shinning and although it was cool it looked like a fabulous day to be outside. But as we unloaded the gear the heavens opened and gave us a short dusting of snow, with a few more light flurry's during the ride.

The trails were wet but not excessively so, although a few sections of the damper sections were roped off. We got a taste of a fab new twisty bit that replaces the notorious bridleway of slime. The raised board walk section was new to us and great fun, although we'll leave the skinnies until next time ;-)

Brumster got on well with his new ride and it certainly filled him with confidence as the miles increased. He was like a kid in a candy shop during the first section and I simply couldn't catch him. But he paid for his over enthusiasm a few sections later when his lungs cut into him. However, does this look like a nervous MTBer who's unhappy with his new ride...

We both had a thoroughly good ride and somehow managed to time our return with the gals who were walking the pooch, gorgeous Gracey. A good day all round.

You find more pics over at the Cannock Chase gallery.


Dan Howell said...

Trek Liquid 55

As an addendum to that, it's about time I posted some thoughts on my insurance replacement for the old Marin RS - the Trek Liquid 55.

Well, the short and snappy version is that I'm as happy as a pig in sh1t, but you probably all want a bit more detail than that :). Seriously, I can't fault the thing on any grounds over the old Marin, much as I hate to say it (I did love the old girl).

This thing climbs like a disgruntled dad up the side of Buckingham Palace, comes down the other side with all the sure-footedness the Marin aforded (if not more) and yet manages to go round the twisty bits with great gusto too. It just does everything.

The Hutchinson tyres were great in the muddy gloop, despite Farqui's initial reservations, and the Hayes brakes didn't miss a beat all day. The SRAM shifters are such a delight to use when the going gets fast and it's so very, very useful to not have to take your fingers away from the brake lever when you're seriously tanking it. The suspension had a minor tweaking to drop the pressure in the back, and Lee reported it looking good in terms of working well. It certainly felt spot on.

The confidence this thing inspires is just brilliant. I hate to draw comparisons, but I said to Lee on the day - this is as near to a 5-Spot as damn it in terms of my ability; I no longer have any hankerings for Mr.Turner's finest - well, not until my ability/fitness levels (and wallet) improve!

With just a small tear in my eye as I wave goodbye to the old Marin (now in the hands of some drug-dealing scrote in Birmingham, no doubt) I've welcomed msLiquid into open arms.

Let the good times roll....

Dan Howell said...

Oh, and if one thing to learn comes out of this, it's "Don't get your bike nicked then spend the next 7 months drinking beer and eating pies, then suddenly hop on your new bike and expect to set the trees on fire with the sparks from your rear mech" because it's a short-lived high :)

Farqui said...

"set the trees on fire" ? It was a little too damp for that !

The sparks from your mech were pretty, while it lasted...

The #55 with all her spv gadgets seemd to help you out nicely up the climbs 'cos you didn't seem to bob at all.

Your big rocker was a joy to watch too ;-)

Dan Howell said...

You seemed rather more fascinated with my stamped gusset, for some reason ;) clarify; Trek emboss their weld-in gusset on the front and Lee seemed mighty impressed, for some strange reason that only those who truly know Lee will understand... ;)

Farqui said...

Tsk, amateur ! Your gusset is a picture [ahem] and it's unusual to see such nice attention to detail, esp down there [chuckle].

Check it out for yourself.

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