Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Canal Permit

Did you know that anyone cycling on the British Waterways canals is required to have a permit ? :huh

It's no big deal as it's free to sign up and you can download the permit as a PDF file. The literature then goes accepting this cycle permit, you are agreeing to follow the Waterways Code, and to cycle only on those stretches of towpath classified as open to cyclists - this doco makes interesting reading, especially around the MK area :blush

It's purpose ? The Waterways Code aims to protect your own and other people's safety, to safeguard the environment, and to avoid disturbing the enjoyment of other users of the waterway and towpath. There is no public right of way for cyclists on canal towpaths, and British Waterways reserves the right to withdraw permission from users who disregard the rules.

I can't recall who I was discussiing this with recently but I'd suggest that it's advisable to have a permit tucked away somewhere in your backpack.


uphilla said...

Is it 1st April already?? ;-)
It might be my encounter with an elderly dog walker that you remember - told me I had no right to cycle on the canal path. Worth knowing, I guess, though our local canal is now out of bounds as it Hawthorne hedges have been trimmed and trimmings left on the path = guaranteed punctures.

Dan Howell said...

Gawd, what a load of up-their-own-arse beauracratic cobblers. Downloaded - hope that makes them happy now :)

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