Monday, February 06, 2006

Woburn Feb 5th

Yesterday, Rob Uphilla and I all hit Woburn and enjoyed a dry blat over to the woods. Uphilla seemed to suffer a little from his previous nights boogy-ing and I'm afraid that Rob & I didn't help him much as we were hooning around like kids.

It was pleasantly warm (5C-ish), dry and breeze free, with plenty of other folk out enjoying the weather. The "jump" area was very busy with loads a nutters getting some phat air.

You'll find a few snaps over here, although the riding was so good that I didn't stop and take many. I also need to experiment with the settings on this fangled new digicam too.

It was a shame that noone else managed to come along, especially Brumster with his new ride. Perhaps next time...


uphilla said...

Good ride, thanks for your company Rob & Farqui.
Legs certainly worked overtime this weekend, specially keeping up woth you young whippersnappers!!
New chain ordered this am - thanks for your diagnosis Rob.
Post ride hospitality and Tracklogs tutorial specially appreciated Farqui and Chipmunk.

Farqui said...

Yeah, thanx for the spannerin Rob - I'll test my tweaked front der tonight.

Uphilla, you're more than welcome for the post ride treats.

Rob said...

How's the Fmech old boy? Good ride, look forward to the next one.

I reckon we should start a Flux versus Spot Blog!!!

Farqui said...

Excellent spanner man, excellent. When in the middle ring, I now have full use of the block - brill. I needed to adjust the rub on the outer but otherwise it's dandy.

Hehe, a comparison would be a draw;

Flux = flat / smooth / uh

5Spot = flat / rough / dh