Thursday, February 16, 2006

SRAM Jockey Wheels

I've just been given the run around whilst trying to replace my tired SRAM x9 jockey wheels and thought I'd pass on what I've learnt.

The plastic teeth were a little worn but worse still was the contaminated and corroded lower tension bearing which was running fairly ok after being regreased but occassionally it'd still skip 'n' snag. After browsing the web I couldn't decide which replacements I needed and some recommended Tacx wheels were out of stock. While I was in town and passing, I decided to pop into my lbs *gasp* to place an order. I asked for x9 and a couple of days later Fisher had sent them some x9/9sl's which looked like they'd do the trick. Trying to fit 'em highlighted that they're not 100% compatible, although at first glance you'd be hard pressed to tell 'em apart.

I needed the x9 2005 onwards jockeys which are on the left below, part#GP615, but they sent me some x9/9sl from 2002/3, part#GP713, those on the right. The problem is that the earlier gears have sealed bearings top and bottom with narrow mounting holes on the top and larger on the lower cog. Querky eh.

What I did manage to do was use the original sandwich plates from the lower/tension jockey wheel (with the busted bearing) and wrap them around either of the new, older spec pulley's. Unfortunately, I've not been able to do anything with the upper/alignment jockey wheel as non of the components were transferrable.

Here's a slightly more details pic to show the differences, although you're now looking at the top flight x0 on the left and my 2005 spec x9 on the right.

I've subsequently found that the distributors website has a handy reference outlining the different part numbers, which'd been mighty useful had I known about it a few days before !


Farqui said...

To there credit the lbs have openly admitted that they're familiar Sh!mano kit but need more exposure to SRAM gear. This is particularly important with the increasing number of bikes are now fitted with SRAM gear as std.

I just heard back from the distributor who claim they sent what was ordered and that the lbs should sort it blah, blah, blah.

So be careful folks.

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