Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Relationship between skills and fitness

Dudes, picked this up from the biking hub, about the relationship between skills and fitness.

"In the ‘blogosphere’, Ashwin has a couple of preliminary thoughts about the relationship between on-bike performance and a rider’s fitness level. It’s a worthwhile read and I can vouch for the veracity of Ashwin’s words; I’ve stepped up my level of fitness in the past couple of years and have noticed a distinct increase in speed and bike handling ability on the way down."

I defo need to improve my fitness, but not sure, I've got the will power for a formal plan. I enjoy those frosty lager bads boys too much :p :p


Farqui said...

I noticed a jump in fitness when I started commuting over a long distance. Up to that point I'd kinda plateaued and found it difficult to improve. I even pushed like crazy whenever I rode which had an adverse affect and just made me v.tired all the time.

Riding almost every day I also noticed my balance improving, although I'd not conciously been working on it. Mind you, I still can't trackstand.

I guess there's no substituting the old adage, "Just Get Out and Ride"...

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