Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kryponite New York Lock

I used to use a d-lock to secure my bike within the garage, until recently when the key fell apart - at which point I thought that I'd best get a replacement lock asap. Chipmunk's Squire d-lock is a seriously chunky afair which seems highly rated and very secure. However, this time I fancied trying a similarly rated, chain beastie, which prompted the Kryptonite New York chain lock with EV disc - quite a mouthful eh.

The chain is mighty heavy and actually quite awkward to use with it's flailing and uncovered ends, unlike a solid d-lock. However, in it's favour it is able to get in those awkward nooks-and-crannies. It's flexible nature also means that you can secure object with less "prying" access around the chain. The small d-lock looks robust although I'm sure it's a weak point, especially after seeing just how thick the chain links are. The chain itself is 3ft long and is ample to secure the bike, although a few more feet wouldn't go amiss - but then I guess that you'd struggle to lift the darn thang ! The three Kryptonite keys are no longer barrel jobbies after a recent goof and one even has a built in light.

All in all, it's an impressive piece of kit that should keep any thieving scumbags busy for a while.

Here's the manufacturer's product link.