Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Kapow !

I experienced a first on the way home last night, when my chain snapped. Which helped to explain the occassional click I'd noticed over the past week or so ! It's never happened to me before, but then my commuter doesn't get the attention it should. Fortunately, I was nearly home at the time and scooted along for a while. As it was dark, I didn't fancy wrestling with a grubby chain on the pavement especially as we had friends already at home waiting for dinner.

Why do bad things always happen when you don't want them to ? Posted by Picasa


Farqui said...

With a new chain in place, I started my commute this morning and ran over something in the park. Which I hadn't clocked beforehand, but it was sufficient to buck the bike. Sure enough, within a few hundred meters, I had a flat !

I hope there's not a 3rd "incident" waiting for me tonight !

uphilla said...

This almost happened to me a while back - Shimano Chain - side plate of link actually came off the pin. Recognize that 'clicking' sound you mention, it puzzled me for ages! Using SRAM now, we will see if it is any better.
BTW testing out a new (to me) winter lube called Purple extreme - meant to last for ages, will report back on this later.

Farqui said...

That's a good point, The commuter had Shimano fitted. I've pretty much always used SRAM chains on my fully. I reckon to get a couple of hundred miles more and I love the quick link thingy. Plus, I've never had one snap on me and surely I crank more pressure when off road ?

Farqui said...

On last nights dash home I listened to a few clicks before the chain broke. As I was close from home and it was a sunny evening I simply walked the last .5mile.

Fiddlin' in the garage it transpires that a plate had sheared this time which I've never seen before. Oh hum, bodged the sucka back together and it seemed fine this morning.