Monday, February 20, 2006

Crankbrothers Candy SL Pedals

...posted on behalf of Rob...I've been riding with these for about a year now, I've suffered with terrible left knee pain for 10+ years usually brought on by distance and cold. I fitted a pair of CrankBros SL's using the cleats in the looser setting. I immediately noticed better movement in the cleats in the shoe and was able to get a better fit than I'd ever achieved with CODA or Shimano, similar and CODA fits Shim but not the other way round.

After a year I've had exactly no recurrences of my left knee pain. In the past I've ridden miles with my left leg out of the pedal completely because I could take no more.

So do I recommend CB's? Damn right I do, I suspect the similar principle founds in the Time pedal would be a good choice too.

Other features,
  • Stainless bolts supplied for the Cleaps and 2 lengths
  • Excellent and simple servicing
  • Lightweight
  • Continue to work in the muddiest conditions possible
  • Very easy to use
  • Very strong hold
  • Excellent crash release reliability
  • Fiercely expensive
  • Cleaps cost too much as well
  • No hex for pedal wrench, Alun key only
  • Not always a definite CLUNK when you engage
  • Cleats aren't interchangeable
  • Too expensive, yes I realise this is the same as earlier but they are so expensive (up to £275) that I thought it was worth mentioning twice!!